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KORG Korg SV2-73 B-Stock


Stock-B. Exemplaire de démonstration sorti pour le Show-Room, jamais utilisé. Livraison gratuite en Europe. Disponible immédiatement. Etat neuf.

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KORG Korg SV2-73 B-Stock

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The SV series, top-of-the-range pianos with an exceptional design

Enter the world of a piano of rare perfection, offering acoustic piano tones and a wide range of outstanding vintage tones.

The famous SV Vintage piano line is pleased to welcome the new SV2. Ten times more samples than the SV1 (the SV-1 is the only piano to have received the highest grade in the Diapason magazine and therefore has been awarded the Diapason d'Or.), amp models, numerous effects and an incredibly realistic sound bank, all in a design that is as elegant as ever, there is no shortage of adjectives for these magnificent instruments.

Technical caracteristics

73-note keyboard (E to E), velocity-sensitive KORG RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3)

  •     Touch selection: Eight curves
  •     Tuning: Master Transpose, Master Tune, Tuning Curves
  •     Sounds: Sound generation: EDS-X (Extended Definition Synthesis - eXpanded)
  •     Maximum polyphony: 128 notes
  •     Multi Sound: Layer, Split
  •     Factory sounds: 72 (6 basic sounds x 2 sets, 6 variations)
  •     EP1 (Vintage): MK I Suitcase, MK I Stage, MK II Suitcase, MK II Stage, MK V Stage, MK V Bright, Dyno EP, Dyno EP Bright, Wurly, Wurly Classic, Wurly Deaf, Wurly Clear
  •     EP2 (Miscellaneous): FM Piano 1, FM Piano 2, FM Piano 3, FM Piano & Pad, Pianet T, Pianet N, Hybrid Piano, Hybrid Tine, Wurly & Strings, FM & Strings, MK II & Pad, FM & Pad
  •     Piano 1 (Acoustic): German Grand Piano, German Classical Piano, Italian Grand Piano, Italian Brilliant Piano, Japanese Grand Piano, Japanese Brilliant Piano, Austrian Grand Piano, Austrian Classical Piano, Japanese Upright Piano, German Upright Piano, Rock Piano
  •     Piano 2 (Miscellaneous) : Electric Grand, German Mono, KORG M1 Piano, KORG SG-1D, Digital Piano, Electra Piano, Bastringed Piano, Honky-Tonk, Piano & Strings, Piano & Pad, Piano & Synth, Piano & Brass
  •     Keyboard: AC Clav, AD Clav, BC Clav, BD Clav, Harpsichord Oct, Perc. Organ, Rock Organ, Jazz Organ, VOX Organ, Church Organ, Pipe Organ
  •     Other: Full Strings, Classic Strings, Tape Strings, Strings & Voices, Warm Pad, Bright Pad, Orchestra, Pizzicato & Glock, Brass, Synth Brass, Pad/Mini Lead, Pad/SynthLead
  •     Favourite Sounds: 64 (8 banks x 8 variations) for saving custom settings

 Effects :

  •     6 effects (5 effects + 1 overall effect)
  •     Equalizer: Bass, midrange, treble
  •     Pre FX: Red comp, Treble boost, U-Vibe, Vibrato, Tremolo, VOX Wah (Auto or Pedal control)
  •     Amplifier Models: Clean, Twin, Tweed, AC30, Shop, Organ Amplifier Models + Cabinets, Tube Drive Technology - tube 12AX7 (ECC83)
  •     Modulation: Classical Chorus, Black Chorus, Orange Phaser, Small Phaser, Flanger MX, Rotary (slow/fast control)
  •     Atmosphere: Room, Plate, Hall, Spring, Tape Echo, Stereo Delay (Tap tempo)
  •     Total FX (can only be edited with the SV-2 Editor): Stereo Mastering Limiter, Stereo Limiter

 Control Panels :

  •     Main volume, Transpose, Local stop, Touch, Function
  •     Sound selection: TYPE button, VARIATION button, FAVORITES 1-8
  •     Favourites selection: 1-8 buttons, SOUND TYPE button
  •     Effect control :
  •     Equalizer: On/Off switch, BASS button, MID button, TREBLE button
  •     Pre FX: On/Off switch, TYPE button, SPEED button, INTENSITY button, AUTO/PEDAL switch (available when TYPE = Vox Wah)
  •     Amplifier: On/Off switch, TYPE button, DRIVE button
  •     The modulation: On/Off switch, TYPE button, SPEED button, INTENSITY button, Slow/Fast switch (available when TYPE = rotary.)
  •     Ambiance: On/Off switch, TYPE knob, DEPTH knob, Tap (available when TYPE = Stereo Delay)

 Input/Output Connections :

  •     Audio output: L, R (XLR balanced) connector, L/MONO jack, R MONO jack (6.3 mm [1/4"] unbalanced), 6.3 mm [1/4"] front panel stereo phone jack.
  •     Audio input: L/MONO jack, R/MONO jack (6.3 mm [1/4"] unbalanced)
  •     MIDI: IN jack, OUT jack
  •     USB: 2.0 type B connector (dual MIDI interface)
  •     Valve pedal: KORG DS-2H (included), DS-1H (sold separately)
  •     Pedal 1: PS-1 Pedal, PS-3 Pedal (sold separately)
  •     Pedal 2: Volume/Expression, XVP-20, EXP-2, PS-1 or PS-3 (sold separately)
  •     Power supply: Internal switching adapter, AC 100~240 V, 50/60 Hz
  •     Power consumption: 16 W
  •     Dimensions (W x D x H, without lectern): 1,143 mm x 347 mm x 157 mm
  •     Weight (without lectern): 17.2 kg,

Included accessories: Power cable, desk, DS-2H mute pedal, Quick Guide.

Accessories (sold separately): Piano Stand ST-SV1, Carrying Case CB-SV1 (73 and 88 version), Mute Pedal DS-1H, Foot Switch XVP-20 EXP/VOL, Foot Switch EXP-2, Foot Switch PS-1, Foot Switch PS-3

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