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The world of analog synthesis now has a reference.

Being at the origin of the revival of analog synthesizers is already a great achievement, but redefining the standards of analog synthesis in the face of legendary brands was a challenge. With the MatrixBrute, Arturia offers us a beautiful and powerful synthesizer that meets the wildest dreams of sound designers and musicians eager to play with original sounds.

The power of this synthesizer is hidden under the matrix.

Equipped with 3 analog oscillators, this instrument already offers a synthesis power that will satisfy the most demanding. But all this would only be possible without the famous matrix that the MatrixBrute is equipped with. This matrix allows you to modulate any synthesis parameter with another of your choice, thus increasing its already infinite possibilities tenfold. And with the greatest ease of use!

The power and heat of analog synthesis.

Each of the 3 oscillators can be combined with the others or assigned to a note (paraphony). If most of the articles you have read describe it as a monodic instrument, you should know that the MatrixBrute can be transformed into a 3 voice analog synthesizer. Nuance! The heat of the sound generated by its 3 VCOs far exceeds the majority of current instruments.

The matrix with the triple face.

The MatrixBrute's modulation matrix is not only limited to modulation assignments, but also offers a Program mode that allows you to quickly navigate through the 256 programs, as well as access the sequencer and arpeggiator. The sequencer section makes it possible to record a sequence of 64 steps for each program. This sequence can be recorded in step-by-step mode as well as in real time. The arpeggiator, on the other hand, offers a visualization of its progress on the matrix and offers access to the hybrid mode: because the MatrixBrute integrates a hybrid mode halfway between the arpeggiator and the sequencer! This new mode allows you to draw your arpeggios on the matrix, activate or deactivate each step and of course play the result by placing chords on the keyboard.

Technical caracteristics

Type of synthesis : analogical

LFO: 3

Backup type : Ram

Key format : great

Aftertouch: Yes

Envelope : ADSR

Split & layer : split

Sequencer : Yes

Sensitive to velocity: Yes

Touch: dynamic

Number of keys : 49

Display : reading screen type

Number of presets : 240

No. of effects: 5

Weight (kg) : 22,00

Dimensions (mm) : 855 x 112 x 365 x 365

Max polyphony : 3

Sound generator : VCO

Arpeggiator : Yes

Category : analog synthesis

Software provided: Midi Control Center

Sampler : No

Filters : OTA 24 dB, notch, bandpass, lowpass, highpass

User memories : 256

Outputs : CV, USB/Midi, 2 x jack, mono & stereo audio, 2 x headphones, CV out, gate out, sync out, headphones 

Transposition : Yes

Inputs : line in, audio in, CV in, gate in, insert, sync In, USB Midi, expression pedal, sustain pedal

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