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The JD-XA is a unique hybrid synthesizer that brings the warmth of analog and the versatility of digital into one super creative and uncompromising instrument. First and foremost, it's an all-analog four-part monster with true analog filters and a "dry" output. But it's also a four-part digital tone generator, featuring Roland's SuperNATURAL Synth technology and an impressive array of powerful effects. The JD-XA's generators can be used independently or interactively, putting an incredibly flexible sound design platform at your fingertips for studio or stage work. You can use the analog and digital parts together, combine them for devastating sound power, or shape digital waveforms via analog filters, creating sounds you've never heard before. With the JD-XA, you no longer have to worry about choosing between analog and digital; just close your eyes, imagine your future sounds, and create them.

Technical caracteristics

49 keys (with channel velocity and aftertouch)SECTION Maximum SOUND GENERATOR - Analog part: 4 voices

- Digital part: 64 voices (varies depending on tone generator load)Hybrid analog/digital synthesizer structures

- Analog part: 4 parts (2 OSCs + AUX, 1 Filter, 1 AMP, 2 Pitch ENV, 1 Filter ENV, 1 AMP ENV, 2 LFOs and 1 MOD LFO)

- Digital part (4 parts, of which 3 partial: 3 OSCs, 3 filters, 3 AMPs, envelope for each section and LFOs) (The digital part uses SuperNATURAL Synth sounds compatible with the Integra-7.)User Memory Slots - Internal: 256

- On USB key: 256

The arpeggio and sequence patterns are saved as programs. Analog Oscillator Section- Oscillator Waveforms: Saw, Square, Pulse/PWM, Triangle, Sine

- Knobs/Cursors: Pitch, Fine, Cross Mod, Pulse Width, Pulse Width Modulation

- Pitch Envelopes: Attack, Decay, Envelope Depth

- Modulation: Cross Modulation, Ring Modulation, Oscillator Sync

(A-OSC2 is applied as modulation to A-OSC1.)Analog Filter Section - Filter Types : LPF1, LPF2, LPF3, HPF, BPF, Bypass

- Rotary Knobs: Cutoff, Resonance, Key Follow, Envelope Depth, HPF, Drive

- Envelope: Attack, Decay, Sustain, ReleaseAnalog Amp Section- Rotary Knob: Level

- Envelope: Attack, Decay, Sustain, ReleaseSection of digital oscillators - Oscillator waveforms: Saw, Square, Pulse/PWM, Triangle, Sine, Variation

- Knobs/Cursors: Pitch, Fine, Pulse Width, Pulse Width Modulation

- Pitch envelopes: Attack, Decay, Envelope Depth

- Modulation: Ring Modulation

(Partial2-OSC is applied as modulation to Partial1-OSC.)Digital Filter Section - Filter Type : LPF1, LPF2, LPF3, HPF, GMP, Variation, Bypass

- Rotary Knobs: Cutoff, Resonance, Key Follow, Envelope Depth, HPF

- Envelope: Attack, Decay, Sustain, ReleaseSection of digital amps - Rotary knob: Level

- Envelope: Attack, Decay, Sustain, ReleaseSection LFO- LFO Waveforms: Triangle, Sine, Saw, Square, Sample&Hold, Random

- Buttons/Faders: Rate, Fade Time, Pitch Depth, Filter Depth, Amp Depth

- Tempo SyncSection Mixer (for the analog part)- Level: A-OSC 1, A-OSC 2, AUXMic- Vocoder

- MIC ModulationEffects- MFX: 8 systems, 67 types (each part has its own MFX)

- EQ of the parts: 8 systems (each part has its EQ Share)

- TFX: 2 systems, 29 types


- REVERB: 6 types

- Master EQ

- MIC Input Reverb: 8 types Pattern SequencerTracks: 16

Patterns are saved as programs.

Compatible with MIDI Files (SMF) import. ArpeggiatorPatterns in preset: 64

The patterns are saved as programs.ControllersPitch bend and modulation lever, Pitch and modulation wheelsDisplay 16-character, 2-line LCD displayExternal storageUSB stickPhone-input jack: 1/4-inch stereo jack

MAIN OUTPUT jacks (L/MONO, R) : 1/4 inch stereo TRS jack

ANALOG DRY OUTPUT jack: 1/4-inch stereo jack

CLICK OUTPUT jack: Stereo 1/4 inch jack

MIC jack: Combo type (XLR, 1/4 inch TRS jack), symmetrical


CV/GATE OUTPUT sockets (2 systems): Mini-jack

(CV: OCT/V compatible outputs (not Hz/V compatible). GATE: +5 V outputs).

MIDI jacks (IN, OUT)

USB port to computer (USB Hi-Speed AUDIO/MIDI) : USB type B

(Use a USB cable and a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed compatible computer).

USB memory port: USB type A

DC socket INA power supplyAdapter Power consumption3,000 mAAccessoriesManuals

AC adapter

Power cable

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