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Roland TD17

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COMPACT AND AFFORDABLE V-DRUMS WITH SUPERNATURAL SOUNDSTo meet the growing demands in the entry-level drum segment, we've added a TD-11 module with SuperNATURAL sounds to the V-Compact series. Unparalleled expressiveness and naturalness of sound, new backing tracks, and USB connectivity provide live musicians and students with an instrument of excellent quality.TD-11 DRUM SOUND MODULE WITH SUPERNATURALThe TD-11 drum sound module, powered by SuperNATURAL, offers improved playability and incredibly expressive, natural sounds. It also offers a wide range of powerful features, such as playbacks in different musical styles, Quick Record/Quick Play audio recording and playback, a COACH function, and USB connectivity for MIDI/AUDIO transfers and data storage.MESH V-PADS FOR SNARE AND TOMSThe PDX-8 (10") and PDX-6 (6.5") V-Pad Mesh Drum Pads feature Roland's amazing dual-sensor technology, capable of accurate and balanced hit detection between the circle and the skin. The PDX-8 snare pad features a 10-inch circle for easier and quieter rim-shots.QUALITY V-CYMBALS IN CRASH AND RIDEWith optimized sensitivity and balance, the Crash CY-12C provides natural balance movement and hit detection accuracy that makes it very similar to a real Crash, right down to the control of the muffle. The Ride CY-13R offers a larger surface area and a realistic playing feel with edge, body and bell shot differentiation.A COMPACT AND PRACTICAL HI-HATThe CY-5 cymbal pad for hi-hat features a 10-inch playing surface and a natural swinging motion. It differentiates between hitting the rim or the body of the cymbal. With the FD-8 Hi-hat Controller, drummers can implement natural hi-hat playing, with realistic transitions between open and closed sounds.COMFORTABLE BASS DRUM PADFeaturing new mechanisms and a fabric hitting surface, the KD-9 bass drum pad provides realistic feel, dynamic sensitivity, precise triggering and robustness, even when using a double pedal. It's quick and easy to set up. (Bass drum pedal not included).Fine-tuned triggering and Behavior Modeling technology for an outstanding drum setDiverse and expressive internal sounds covering a wide range of musical genresPro-recorded backing tracks, ideal for practice and live performanceCOACH function for perfecting technique or warming upLarge LCD display and simple, clear user interfaceUSB function for direct connection to computer software as well as data archiving and audio playbackCompact and sturdy MDS-4V stand for quick assembly and flexible positioning of the elements.Equipped with mesh pads for snare and toms (PDX-8/PDX-6) and dedicated cymbals (CY-13R/CY-12C)

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