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Solid State Logic SSL 2+

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The high-resolution solution for your music productions The Rubix44 provides the perfect balance of high-fidelity audio, robustness, and essential features for today's musicians and producers.It delivers clear, warm, high-resolution sound up to 24-bit / 192 kHz, and features four high-end microphone preamps carefully selected for their low noise. And with four discrete outputs, analog processing, and a built-in MIDI interface, you've got all the potential and versatility you need for your big musical ambitions.The Rubix44 works equally well on Mac and PC, as well as with the Apple iPad for quality music production on the go. Ideal for singer-songwriters and instrumentalists. With four simultaneous inputs for microphones, electric guitars and basses, and line-out instruments such as keyboards and drum machines, the Rubix44 allows music creators to record mix-ready tracks in one take. Singers can record vocals and stereo instruments simultaneously; acoustic instrumentalists can connect up to four different microphones simultaneously to record every nuance of their sound. High-end inputs and outputs to keep up with your creative flow. The Rubix44's prestigious mic preamps produce low noise and a high-definition signal with a large headroom to capture all the impact and detail of what you'll be recording. Versatile high-impedance combos allow you to connect all types of sources, including microphones and guitars, without the need for special adapters or cables. Four individual outputs allow you to build elaborate routing or monitoring circuits: send a click to a musician, set up a stage monitor, send audio to an external device, etc. Control your sound with the analog limiter and compression. Sources with wide dynamics, such as percussion, often require fine tuning of the signal. It's also common to apply compression to vocals or bass during recording to smooth out levels and make mixing easier. The Rubix44 is equipped with front-panel compressors/limiters on inputs 1/2 and 3/4, ensuring good quality input signals without unwanted peaks or distortion. This dynamic processing is fully analog, providing smooth, transparent control with no latency. Ultra-clear signal status indicators, even while playing. When recording, getting the right signal levels is essential. Since studios and stages are often dimly lit locations, it is also essential to have sufficiently large and bright recording level indicators. Designed to make recording easier, the Rubix44 has indicators that clearly display the incoming signal level and warn you immediately of the risk of saturation. Being visible on the front and top of the product, you can check your signal levels without being near the case.

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The SSL 2 and SSL 2+ are more than just an audio interface, they are the centrepiece of your new Solid State Logic studio. Class leading mic preamps, Legacy 4K analogue enhancement, studio quality monitoring and the incredible SSL Production Pack software. SSL has been designing state-of-the-art mixing consoles and processing tools for the world's best recording studios for over four decades. Now you get all that successful know-how in your ...



SSL 2+
SSL 2+
SSL 2+

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