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Roland FP-10

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Korg - KOP SP280-BK


Korg - KOP SP280-BK

The SP series: compact, lightweight and portable digital pianos designed for family use. Ideal for music schools or as a portable home piano, the SP series is the perfect instrument to start playing the piano. It also means finding the answer to your needs, both in terms of your budget and the space available in your home. Are you just starting out but neither your living space nor your wallet can support the purchase of an acoustic piano? The SP280 offers you the chance to lose nothing in the process. What do you expect from a digital piano? To offer all the qualities of an acoustic model without having the disadvantages, mostly space and price for the most part. But there's no question of sacrificing the sound and feel of the keyboard, otherwise, the digital piano in question would have missed its purpose. The SP280 combines all the qualities of a good acoustic piano with the benefits of technology. It's a colourful statement. Whether it's in a music school or in your living room, the SP280 is the perfect choice for any situation. Portable and attractive, it features an 88-key weighted keyboard that even the most uncompromising player won't be able to resist, just like the 30 or so sounds on offer, the stars of which are of course the piano. In addition, it features a 2 x 20-watt amplification system with a headphone output, which does justice to the lovingly concocted sampling by Korg. Complete with a Midi interface, the SP280 answers the question that seemed insoluble until then: how to have a real piano keyboard, a real piano sound, in a portable format and at a good price?

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The Roland FP-10 piano provides a great feel with its 88-key PHA-4 Standard keyboard, and offers beautiful SuperNATURAL piano sounds with its quality speakers. The FP-10's compact, portable design makes it ideal for playing at home, whether you're working on your technique in your office or giving a recital in your living room. And with its Bluetooth connectivity and powerful on-board features, unique for a digital piano in this price range,...




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Piano numérique amplifié compact
Sebastien, 2 years ago
Ce piano Roland FP-10 est idéal si vous cherchez un piano numérique amplifié compact. Le plus : le toucher lourd silencieux avec des touches qui ressemblent à de l'ivoire. Très belle finition du clavier avec la qualité Roland. Une alternative plus compacte que les Yamaha P-45 ou les Korg B2 ou Korg SP-180. Si vous avez un problème de place (couloir, bureau avec peu de profondeur) c'est idéal. Cet avis est un avis de la rédaction de Zicplace. Consultez notre guide d'achat sur le blog Zicplace pour un comparatif complet des pianos numériques.
Toucher lourd silencieux avec 4 sons de piano
Marco, 3 years ago
Toucher lourd qui réplique correctement le toucher et les marteaux d'un piano acoustique. 4 sons de piano, souvent mieux que la concurrence à ce prix qui n'a que 2 sons de piano. De plus, le clavier est très silencieux. Pratique au casque, le son amplifié fonctionne bien malgré la compacité de ce piano numérique Roland. A mon avis, n'a rien à envier aux classiques Yamaha P-45 pour débuter le piano. Autres sons aussi d'orgue, de piano électrique, etc.