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Villé, France

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Vintage T-560

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Professional productions streamed from a smartphoneWhile it's easy to stream live content from a smartphone, giving it a professional look requires more effort. But GO:LIVECAST is a simple and affordable way to do it. This hardware/software combo is a complete streaming studio that allows you to mix sound, display titles, use media files, trigger sound effects and much more without the help of a computer or expensive dedicated audio-video equipment.With the help of a simple GO:LIVECAST box, its associated app and your smartphone, you have the tools you need to present attractive Internet shows that will rival those of the brightest creators in social networks.Plug & PlayUsing GO:LIVECAST is quick and easy. Just plug in your smartphone and connect earphones or headphones to control the sound. A built-in microphone is ready to record high quality sound with a Reverb effect if you decide to sing. You can also connect a professional XLR microphone, or a guitar preamp, synthesizer, mixer or other sound source to the stereo line input.Add your content to your live streamsThe GO:LIVECAST app integrates ready-to-use media tools to give your productions on the Net a professional quality. You can create your own media libraries of music, sound effects, photos and videos, or start creating from the many preinstalled options. To go even further, ready-made titles and other texts are also available. Media for your various shows can be saved as Live Sets, all ready to play when you need them.



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