Alesis - Turbo Mesh Kit


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Alesis Alesis - Turbo Mesh Kit

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MIX, SCRAPE, CREATE. MELT!The Roland DJ-202 is an intuitive controller, optimally designed for Serato DJ with all the essential functions for DJs. Based on the concept of its big brothers, the DJ-808 and DJ-505, the DJ-202 is a flexible solution for DJing, remixing, and live or studio production. With its large decks featuring near-zero latency, dedicated pad, configurable controls, built-in sequencer and microphone input with professional effects, the DJ-202 makes short work of its direct competitors.The Swiss army knife for mobile DJsThe DJ-202 is a 2-channel, 4-deck USB-powered controller that goes anywhere and connects in a snap. Its compact and lightweight case and handles allow DJs to take it with them as hand luggage to perform anywhere: mobile applications, house parties, clubs, beat battles etc. The DJ-202's intuitive user interface and plug-and-play connectivity make it a snap to get up and running. With its 24-bit/48kHz resolution and high-end Roland converters, the audio quality is always there.Roland drum machine heritage in a DJ controllerWhether it's the instantly recognizable hi-hat of the TR-909 or the kick drum of the TR-808, Roland's TR-series drum machines were instrumental in the birth and growth of music genres such as hip-hop, house, techno, and electro in the '80s and '90s-not to mention today's rap music, which couldn't live without these sounds. Thanks to Roland's patented Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology, the DJ-202 perfectly recreates the character and finesse of these great drum machines. Your drum parts will sound just as good as those created on these legendary machines. The DJ-202 features bass drum, snare drum, closed and open hi-hat, tom, rim, clap and ride sounds, allowing you to create massive and varied sounds throughout your sequences.Mix and ScratchWith the DJ-202's low-latency decks, your scratches and cues will always be perfect. No direct competitor can deliver the same precision. Dedicated Serato DJ Intro controls help you quickly create and control hot cues, loops and samples. The Deck Select button lets you switch between decks. Channel EQ and Serato effects (accessible via 3 FX buttons per deck) help you fine-tune transitions or accentuate scratches. Dedicated Play/Pause and Cue buttons give you the same control options as high-end devices and stand-alone audio players.Bring vocals to lifeLiven up your DJ vocals, radio drops, guest vocals or external instruments by connecting the source to the 6.3mm TS mic input to take advantage of the built-in reverb and echo. For vocal processing, there's also a high-pass filter and noise gate to eliminate unwanted hum and background noise.Remix, production, showUse TR drum sounds or your own sounds loaded into the 4 Serato sampler memories (with a separate volume control) to prepare the basis for remixes, beats and performances. Program them with the DJ-202's 16-step sequencer accessible via the playing pads. Beats can then be synced with the Serato library to create unique transitions, real-time remixes and pre-recorded tracks with extra punch. Inst-Rec mode can be activated at any time to record sequences with the Serato sampler. MIDI output allows you to synchronize external MIDI instruments and devices with your sequencer and Serato DJ Intro. For even more flexibility, you can upgrade to Serato DJ where you'll have 32 syncable sample slots (4 banks), the entire iZotope FX collection, recording features and more.

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Replacing the DM Lite kit, the Turbo mesh kit is equipped with 100% mesh skins at an incredible price! Ideal for beginners and for those who don't have a lot of space at home! 



Alesis - Turbo Mesh Kit
Alesis - Turbo Mesh Kit
Alesis - Turbo Mesh Kit
Alesis - Turbo Mesh Kit

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Idéal pour débutant
Sebastien, 3 years ago
Incroyable à ce prix, des peaux turbo mesh par des anciens de Roland, ça se sent. Parfait pour débuter ou pour l'entraînement. Les voisins sont contents quand on joue au casque. On la voit même en enregistrement studio pour les maquettes. Evidemment ça n'est pas une batterie acoustique, d'où une étoile en moins pour la qualité sonore. Le kick est pratique et même plus facile qu'un "vrai" kick. Un peu le même standing que les entrées de gamme en batterie électronique Yamaha DTX avec 2 cybales et 1 charley.