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Tel: +33 1 48 30 65 16

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Zicplace network

At, the center of our passion is sound and music creation at home, in the home studio, recording in the studio, arranging and mixing, playback in electro, rock, blues, variety, world, jazz, soul, hip-hop, rap, classical concerts.

For musicians of all levels, Zicplace is like a garage sale specialized around musical instruments, where you can find the rare second-hand instrument or the new top-of-the-range instrument.

Beginners in music school, conservatory, or self-taught with Yukulélé adhere to the principle of "the golden guitar": one finds one's first musical instrument cheaply on, then one sells it and one progresses according to one's level. Even playing with Santana's guitar!

Professional artists can confront their setup with fellow musicians who unveil their equipment on our "network", and discover innovative musical instruments with a fresh, inspiring and distinctive sound. We give a chance to innovative startups, to software that goes off the beaten track, to artisan luthiers.

We showcase custom musical instruments inspired or co-constructed with musicians in Europe and internationally.

Zicplace allows you to discover or re-discover the history of mythical instruments online, and to dream "in real life" at our Show-Room in Montreuil, accessible by Parisian subway line 9 station "Croix-de-Chavaux", exit Shopping Center. The opportunity to meet us in the real world.

Our site is constantly evolving, thanks to your lifts and your desires. Tell us your dreams on or on social networks. We love to talk about music and instruments.