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Xvive Audio


Turn your favorite dynamic microphone into a wireless mic!Designed to make dynamic microphones wireless, the U3 features audiophile sound quality, compact size and stable, reliable wireless transmission. The U3 is suitable for live music performance, recording sessions, theatrical productions, public speaking, outdoor applications and more. It even works as a wireless unit for active loudspeakers, and as a wireless extension for XLR cables!PLUG-AND-PLAYIt's small and light enough to fit in your pocket, and sets up in seconds. Plug it in, turn on the power, set the channel, and your microphone is wireless!For Home StudioXvive’s state-of-the-art A-D/D-A audio conversion technology conveys the true sound of your voice. Whether in live performance or a studio session, the U3 uses high-resolution digital audio and stable wireless transmission, so everyone can hear the real you!Live PerformanceExperience the freedom of live singing, public speaking, video interviews, music recording and more without being constrained by cables!Make any Active Loudspeaker WirelessThe U3 wireless system is like using 90 feet of audio cable—without the cable! You can send audio from any mixer or DJ rig to any active loudspeaker—wirelessly and reliably—without worrying about how to run your cables. This stealthy, invisible method is faster to set up than using cable, and you don’t have to tape down cables to the floor or run them around your audience!For DSLR Camera Dynamic MicrophonesAnyone shooting personal or professional videos with a DSLR will appreciate the freedom of wireless! The U3 system sends your audio signal directly to your audio recorder or mixer through the air—allowing you to take the camera wherever you need it to go!

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Mono - Gigbag Vertigo for electric bass - metal grey


Mono - Gigbag Vertigo for electric bass - metal grey

True bypass: YesCalifornia dreamin'. Founded in 2007 in San Francisco, the Mono company has been revolutionizing the instrument case market for a few years now, designing the best protection imaginable, with a modern and pure design. Imagined and designed by a team of artists and industrial designers, the Vertigo cover borrows elements from the military, extreme sports and fashion worlds to create a luggage as robust as it is elegant and mobile.  With the Vertigo, no more cold sweats. A true missing link in instrument protection, the Vertigo combines the level of a hard case with the mobility and design of a soft case or cover thanks to a series of unprecedented innovations. This hybrid case incorporates a rugged SharkSkin waterproof liner, ABS panels in the EVA absorbent foam liner to deflect impact from vulnerable areas of the instrument without transmitting impact energy to the instrument. And because we all know that the head is the weakest point of a bass guitar, the Vertigo comes equipped with the patented HeadLock head support, which protects it in case of a fall. One motto: innovation at the service of musicians. In addition to these protection systems, the Vertigo has been the subject of numerous innovations, resulting from the feedback of professional musicians. The base of the cover features a major innovation with The Boot system from the shoe industry: this rigid rubber sole, coupled with an EVA foam insole, provides unparalleled protection for the base and the strap attachment of your guitar against vertical impacts. With the Vertigo, the traditional side opening that forces the musician to put the whole thing on the ground in order to extract the instrument is no longer necessary: its innovative design allows you to open the case quickly and take your instrument out from the top with real stability.  Intelligent storage. With the Vertigo, every item is in its place. To make it easy for you to carry your gear and accessories, this unique case features a dedicated storage compartment with a small mesh pocket inside to keep your small, essential accessories close at hand. And if that's not enough, the Vertigo can be complemented with The Tick 2.0 modular storage system, which is ideal for storing headphones, microphones, effects pedals and small accessories. 75% lighter and 500% more protective for your instrument than a traditional hard-shell flight case, the Vertigo is the ultimate bass guitar case.

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