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Dave Smith


The Evolver, Dave Smith Instruments' first product, is a monophonic hybrid synth that marks Dave Smith's return to the world of hardware synthesizers. Featuring two analog DCOs and two wavetable oscillators, the Evolver also harnesses the power of the analog Curtis filter and its complex modulation matrix of 24 sources and over 75 destinations. The Evolver also features three synchronizable delays, a 4-track 16-step sequencer, 512 editable patches, poly in/out/transfer/chain, and stereo inputs and outputs.The Evolver Mono Keyboard from Dave Smith Instruments adds a 3-octave keyboard and pitch and modulation wheels to the Evolver Hybrid Mono module. The Evolver Mono Keyboard allows for easier performance thanks to the velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard, as well as more knobs that expose parameters previously only accessible via the Evolver's menus.The Evolver marked Dave's Smith's triumphant return to hardware synths and is still the gold standard for sonic ferocity in a monosynth. It contains a plethora of Dave's best ideas in a monstrously powerful instrument with a unique sound.The Evolver's unique tone comes from the synergy of its two analog oscillators and two digital oscillators (which take the waves from the legendary Prophet VS). Curtis' classic analog low-pass filters and true analog VCAs add warmth and fullness to the analog section, while the digital high-pass filter, tuned feedback, and digital distortion add sizzle and grit. But what really sets the Evolver apart is the way the analog and digital parts of its personality fit together in a true stereo signal path. The word "massive" doesn't begin to describe the Evolver's sound.Imagine being able to move effortlessly from analog smoothness to digital sharpness, or anywhere in between, and you'll begin to understand. The LFOs, step sequencer, and three separate delays can all be synchronized to create complex, scalable, rhythmic, and time-based effects in true stereo.It's a sound designer's dream that can go from ultra-creamy to ultra-aggressive with the turn of a knob. If you need to be convinced, just listen to the demos.





Use the chain function to easily create sophisticated rhythm tracksEach rhythm style includes a wide variety of patterns: two variations, basic function, fill-in 1 and fill-in 2. This means that the KR-55 Pro can provide accompaniment for an entire song. Using the chain function, you can assemble and store a different rhythm style for each bar, you can also freely create complex rhythm tracks. Up to 30 banks of chains can be stored, and each chain can be up to 999 bars long.A variety of inputs and a mixer in its own rightThe KR-55 Pro offers a variety of inputs that accept a variety of instruments: a guitar or bass can be connected to input 1 or 2, while the XLR input accepts microphones. You can let the KR-55 Pro take care of the rhythm and enjoy a full band performance with guitar, bass and voice. Reverb can be applied to each input source, and TREBLE and BASS EQs are also present so you can shape your sound. The AUX input can be connected to a digital audio player, keyboard or effects unit with a stereo output. Together they allow you to use up to four channels.Recording functionality supporting multitrack recordingIn addition to the built-in rhythmic styles, the KR-55 Pro is equipped with a versatile recording feature that can record a variety of input sources. You can record your own performances with the built-in rhythmic styles, a favorite song, or karaoke tracks you've created on your DAW. The recorded data can be exported as a WAV file to an SD card. You can also multitrack your guitar and bass to produce more complex tracks. Editing functions such as undo/redo and punch-in are also available, and you can place markers at the desired location of recorded data, and overdub tracks. You can continue a dub as many times as you like, without having to worry about running out of tracks. Choose a rhythm, play some guitar chords, record your vocals, add harmonies, and then play one or more solos as many times as you like! With the "KR-55 Pro", the possibilities are endless.The player can play audio files from an SD cardThe KR-55 Pro is equipped with an audio player function capable of playing audio files (wav) from an SD card. You can enjoy Acoustage and use this device as a high-quality listening system, or prepare backing tracks for you to play with. There is also a playlist function (10 banks) that allows you to manage the playback order of files so that you can play songs in the desired order for your live performance. In addition, the playback speed can be adjusted from -25% to +25%, and you can also play the files repeatedly. Whether you're practicing at home or playing in front of an audience, the KR-55 Pro is packed with features that will come in handy in a variety of situations.Tuner and metronome functionsA high-precision tuner is built into the KR-55 Pro. When you activate this function, the rhythmic style buttons become a tuning indicator, allowing you to tune your instrument easily. You can also use the built-in metronome to work on your songs.




Drumbrute Impact

DrumBrute Impact is a drum machine with a strong personality, DrumBrute Impact is a source of instant pleasure and satisfaction with a powerful and unique sound. It features amazing performance controls, full connectivity and analog sounds that will give your music a visceral and powerful energy. Aggressive analog sounds With a focus on the "Brute", DrumBrute Impact offers 10 high-energy, refined and punchy analog sounds. It uses "Color" sound effects to introduce unique effects per instrument for certain tonal variations. Boost the harmonic content, add distortion, snaps or crackles with a simple touch on the pads. Automatically create the changes by creating "Color" sequences. If you want even more drumming, use the drum-optimized crunch-enhanced distortion. Drumbrute Impact is a drum machine for musicians and producers who need raw power and impressive sound. The ideal complement to its cleaner sounding big sister: DrumBrute. Instinctive sequencer: Using the same award-winning DrumBrute sequencer architecture, you'll love working on it. Create complex polyrhythms or hammered binary rhythms: Record a performance directly with your fingers, tap the pads to the rhythms of your favorite vox tracks - it's all fun on this drum machine. Use the touch ribbon to create real-time breaks or looped breaks. Spice up a single sound or the entire pattern with the dedicated Random button, add syncopation effects and groove with the Swing function. Play away from computer screens, say goodbye to sub-menus and dive into the world of instant touch fun. Connect to your other equipment, sync and work in a vintage way. With a wide range of sync and connection options, you'll be able to connect and jam with virtually any synthesizer or MIDI instrument on the market. Record your patterns, chain them together to create complete tracks and play them live. DrumBrute is a massive, creative sounding beast with an effortless workflow that's built for speed and ease of use. 10 racy, powerful analog sounds. Powerful, racy drum sounds including a stunning kick, two slapping snare drums, high and low Tom, a shrill cymbal, blistering HHs, massive FM sound and cowbell.







Analog power... easy to use. The DrumBrute integrates 17 analog percussion and drum instruments, including 2 kicks, snare, clap, open and closed hi-hat, high/low toms and congas, maracas, rimshot, clave, tambourine, zap, cymbal, and even an inverted cymbal. The 17 analog instruments have multiple independent parameters that can be changed to achieve the perfect sound. Combined with this, a Steiner-Parker output filter (2 modes) allows you to add dynamic frequency sweeps and powerful bass drops. Despite the performance and power of this machine, achieving the perfect beat is still extremely simple and fast. Each function has its own dedicated knob, pot or pad. So you'll spend less time navigating menus and submenus and more time composing. Fans of old-fashioned drum machines will feel right at home with its familiar layout. Infinite creation. DrumBrute is packed with a wealth of advanced features that will satisfy even the most demanding musicians and producers. Lay down your groove with the Swing feature, get inspired when composing with the Randomness mode, expand your beat with the Step Repeat, Roller and Looper features, add a little punch to your rhythm by accentuating a particular element. Compose endlessly. On the sequencer side, each of the DrumBrute's 64 sequences can contain up to 64 steps, and can be chained together in Song Mode. The DrumBrute also has extensive connectivity and synchronization options, including Midi, clock, 1PPS, 2PPQ, DIN24 and DIN48. This means that the DrumBrute will work perfectly with all your other modular instruments, synths, and sequencers. Equally at home in the studio or on stage. The DrumBrute is truly an essential tool for the modern producer. It has dedicated audio outputs for each instrument channel giving almost unlimited options for external processing and multitrack recording. It also has 3.5mm and 6.35mm headphone outputs so you never have to look for an adapter. Finally, this drum machine can be used in its own right as a Midi interface to control your DAW. With a rugged casing, strong pads, and really functional pots, the DrumBrute will satisfy the use on stage as well, even after many shows. By constantly striving to improve the quality of its products, Arturia has created a rugged and durable instrument that is ready for life on the road. With this product, Arturia stands up to the most powerful drum machines on the market, but at a fraction of the price you usually find! No other 100% analog drum machine has such inspiring features while maintaining an intuitive feel.