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The LP series shines with refinement: elegant design, perfect touch and sound. More than ever before, Korg has put innovation at the service of music and visual pleasure. The LP series combines elegance and modernity. It wasn't enough that it was excellent and cheap. It had to be beautiful! It has long been known that Korg is a master at designing and building quality digital pianos. All that was missing was the combination of realistic sounds, a touch worthy of an acoustic model, and a price that everyone could afford. With a truly successful and classy aesthetic that even the grumpiest of reactionaries can only applaud. An elegant design that nevertheless conceals the best that technology has to offer in this field, like the phoenix of the hosts of these woods whose ramage is related to its plumage: a grand piano stereo sound rich in harmonics and dynamics, built-in amplification and two headphone sockets, not to mention the 120 notes of polyphony and the three truer-than-life expression pedals. A faithful companion. Around thirty tones complete the high-end features of this digital piano which will be the faithful companion for learning but also for creation for jazz, classical or pop lovers. Whatever your level of play, it will faithfully reproduce all the nuances of your music. You may wonder why some people still take the risk of breaking their back, cluttering up their living room or ruining their savings account when there is a very simple solution for them! Listen to the LP380, play it, you're bound to be won over!




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Classic sounds, vintage look and a 73-key waterfall keyboard:The V-Combo VR-730 is an instrument designed for travel, with a 73-key "Waterfall" keyboard that produces high-quality organ, synthesizer, electric and acoustic piano sounds.No more need to carry around those heavy vintage combo organs, Leslie cabinets or electric pianos: the VR-730 provides you with these essential sounds with the playability that matches them, while saving your back and arms. The on-board organ sounds are perfect for classic playing styles, while the sounds of historic electric pianos-including a selection of the best sounds from the famous RD-2000 stage piano-fit perfectly to your touch.And thanks to the intelligently arranged interface and direct access controllers, you can focus on your playing, not on thinking about what settings to make to get that sound. The V-Combo VR-730 is an ideal instrument for the professional musician on the go: it delivers versatile, ready-to-play sounds in an ultra-portable package.A classic waterfall keyboard for authentic piano and vintage organ playing:The VR-730 is equipped with a 73-note semi-weighted "Waterfall" keyboard, ideal for applying traditional organ techniques: trill, glissando, percussive playing, note repetition... As soon as you put your hands on the keyboard, you feel the soft touch with just the right amount of resistance, just like on vintage instruments. And thanks to the quality of the response, it's comfortable to play fast phrasing, percussive attacks and soft glissandos.The waterfall shape also provides familiar sensations for acoustic pianists, and the extra octave is welcome for those familiar with 61-note keyboards, providing extra notes and more splitting zone possibilities. Ready for the stage and easy to transport Vintage instruments are fabulous, but not very practical for professional keyboardists looking for lightweight gear to carry around.An organ, its Leslie cabin and an electric piano weigh several dozen kilos, almost impossible for a musician to carry alone. The VR-730 integrates all these sounds, and more, into an instrument that weighs only 9.9 kg.It's easy to transport, and even easier to plug in. And thanks to its battery operation, the VR-730 becomes the ultimate mobile keyboard for playing on the street, at weddings or other mobile gaming situations.Simple handling for total expressiveness on stage:The VR-730 was designed from the outset to meet the needs of live musicians. Its cleverly organized front panel features an LCD screen and sections for each type of sound: organ, piano and synthesizer. This gives you direct access to all the essential sounds, as well as real-time controllers for even more expressiveness.Leslie cab, reverb, timbre, overdrive, compression and MFX are among the seven simultaneous effects available. Dedicated knobs allow you to change several parameters at once, shaping your sound with minimal movement. It's also easy to set splits and overlays on the fly, and store all of these settings in user memory locations for immediate recall during live performances.




Korg - KOP SP280-BK

The SP series: compact, lightweight and portable digital pianos designed for family use. Ideal for music schools or as a portable home piano, the SP series is the perfect instrument to start playing the piano. It also means finding the answer to your needs, both in terms of your budget and the space available in your home. Are you just starting out but neither your living space nor your wallet can support the purchase of an acoustic piano? The SP280 offers you the chance to lose nothing in the process. What do you expect from a digital piano? To offer all the qualities of an acoustic model without having the disadvantages, mostly space and price for the most part. But there's no question of sacrificing the sound and feel of the keyboard, otherwise, the digital piano in question would have missed its purpose. The SP280 combines all the qualities of a good acoustic piano with the benefits of technology. It's a colourful statement. Whether it's in a music school or in your living room, the SP280 is the perfect choice for any situation. Portable and attractive, it features an 88-key weighted keyboard that even the most uncompromising player won't be able to resist, just like the 30 or so sounds on offer, the stars of which are of course the piano. In addition, it features a 2 x 20-watt amplification system with a headphone output, which does justice to the lovingly concocted sampling by Korg. Complete with a Midi interface, the SP280 answers the question that seemed insoluble until then: how to have a real piano keyboard, a real piano sound, in a portable format and at a good price?






Alesis - Digital Piano Recital

Premium sounds. The Recital features an 88-note, semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard that will allow you to take advantage of the five premium tones available and perfectly sampled by Alesis. Featuring 128-note polyphony, built-in 20-watt amplification, and an effects module, this digital piano delivers truly realistic sounds for an authentic playing experience. For beginners and advanced players alike. Its compact, lightweight, portable size and numerous playing options make the Recital a versatile digital piano. For beginners, the Lesson mode allows the keyboard to be divided into two parts, while maintaining the same tonality and sound so that student and teacher can easily play together. For musicians who are familiar with the instrument, Split mode splits the keyboard into two zones with distinct tones, while Layer mode superimposes two voices for a richer sound. Finally, the Recital offers a metronome mode to maintain the tempo in all circumstances. Pitch connection options. In addition to the on-board speakers, the stereo output allows the piano to be connected to an audio broadcast system, mixer or recorder. If you need private listening, simply connect headphones to the jack provided. For more expressiveness, an input is also available for connecting a sustain pedal. Finally, the USB/Midi port allows you to use the piano in controller mode and enjoy virtual instruments on your computer. For even more versatility, the Recital can be powered by mains power or 6 batteries. 3 months of Skoove lessons offered. Skoove is an online application that provides simplified piano learning according to your level. Progress in your repertoire at your own pace with a complete, diverse and varied catalogue in all genres. Every month, new exclusive lessons are added to accompany you in your progress with, if necessary, the support of an experienced team of Skoove musicians who offer precious advice.