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Simon and Patrick

Woodland CW spruce A3t

The Woodland CW Spruce is definitely a popular model with players wanting the accented clarity that comes with a select pressure tested solid spruce top. This enables them to cut through the mix while using the cutaway to solo all the way up the fingerboard.With its warm and mellow sound, the Simon & Patrick CW Spruce A3T is a mid-range Dreadnought style electro folk guitar with a solid spruce top that deserves special attention.Robert Godin and his luthiers have developed special tooling to individually test the level of harmonic stiffness and vibration of each top, ensuring the highest quality for each instrument.The back, sides and neck of the Simon & Patrick Woodland CW Spruce are made from laminated birch, a proven Seagull wood that offers a much fuller and more dynamic sound than most competing acoustics in this price range.Another argument in favour of the Woodland CW Spruce A3T is the Custom Polished Finish, which has been developed to protect the instrument without muffling vibrations, as is the case with the thick polyester-type finishes found on most alternative brands. It plays an important role in the acoustic enhancement of the guitar, allowing it to 'breathe' more freely and improve over time.The B-Band A3T preamp is one of the best on-board preamps for acoustic guitars thanks to its true transparency, dynamic response and natural propensity to avoid feedback, even at high volumes. It features a chromatic tuner.