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Shure - SE535-CL


Shure - SE535-CL

All the Shure experience in professional proximity monitoring. With more than 15 years of experience designing in-ear headphones for professional performers, Shure introduces a high-performance series called SE. The SE535 is one of the most sophisticated headphones in its class, with three transducers specifically designed to immerse you intensely in a smooth, enveloping sound wave! An original look, solid construction and total comfort. The headset, available in several finishes (black, silver, bronze...), is here particularly well looked at thanks to its solid translucent plastic shell which exposes the magnificent and meticulous mechanism of the device! In addition, it has a 162cm reinforced and resistant cable, also transparent, and detachable. This makes it easy to replace if necessary. The consistency of the cable makes it very malleable, offering instant safe and comfortable placement. In this regard, please note that several ear tips are included free of charge. Thanks to their various shapes, the headphones can be adapted to the user's morphology, guaranteeing maximum comfort. Finally, it should be noted that the aircraft is delivered with a SE535 Premium customization kit with a volume control and an aircraft adapter. The ultimate in dynamic response and precision. Thanks to its three latest-generation "dynamic micro driver" transducers, the headset has an exceptional sensitivity of 119 dB SPL/mV, for an impedance of 36 ohms, and a frequency response curve ranging from 18 to 19,000 Hz. A performance rarely achieved by in-ear headphones! These prowess allows them to deliver a full and distinct sound, whatever the style of music. They are therefore perfectly at ease in all situations, whether for personal monitoring on stage where the presence of bass is essential, or for audiophile listening to his beloved music collections, or even for serenely checking the balance of a mix: the ultimate in transparency and punch!

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