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DT 770 Pro 80


DT 770 Pro 80

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 is a closed-back dynamic headphone designed for monitoring and control with an impedance of 80 ohms. It has always been an essential accessory in studios around the world. It offers good dynamic behavior with excellent acoustic accuracy. Ideal in recording studio it will need to be powered by a headphone amp. However, for listening on a smartphone, this model should lack a little power, so we recommend the variant with 32 ohms.The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 are circumaural headphones (they enclose the ears), but thanks to soft, interchangeable velvet ear pads, they are extremely comfortable to wear for several hours while resting securely on the ears. The single cable attached to the left side doesn't get tangled, making the headset more comfortable. The top part has a flexible steel construction for durability and comfort and is adjustable to any head size. For Beyerdynamic, quality has always been paramount and this helmet is still handcrafted in Germany.The DT 770 Pro with equalized diffuse field, the closed model of the DT 770/880/990 Pro series, offers maximum flexibility, detailed sound and good isolation from external noise. It is a major asset in many studios for monitoring and mix control. Accurate throughout the frequency range, it will reproduce low frequencies with power and precision. The highs are also very clear and differentiated, but the mids are not 100% linear. It would be too much to ask for a headphone in this price range. Its frequency response makes it suitable for studio use as well as for simple music listening, which is why it is often used as hi-fi headphones.

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