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Crossover CRW12 LATTICE

Lutherie J. Castellucia

Crossover CRW12 LATTICE

This Crossover version is a hybrid nylon-stringed guitar with the characteristics of a traditional classical guitar, but with specific features that evoke the electric or folk universe (narrower neck with head nut, more compact body...). It offers rich and warm acoustic characteristics as well as great polyphonic clarity and allows a nuanced and dynamic playing. It is an eclectic guitar in terms of styles, allowing to approach the classical register, but also and among others jazz, bossa nova etc...   The principle of the lattice dam was invented by the Australian luthier Greg Smallman, his aim at the time was to make the soundboard as thin as possible so that it could vibrate as freely as possible. As the so-called traditional braces could not support such a thin soundboard, this violin maker decided to develop a new cross-bracing system made of wood reinforced with carbon rods. Convinced that the vibrations of the top are lost in the sides and back of the guitar, he also decided to make these two components heavier, so as to make them almost inert. With this concept, he manages to make the soundboard react like a drumhead, with a result that results in a great projection and power of sound. However, it must be noted that this concept, which favours power and projection to the detriment of the other essential elements constituting the main characteristics of the instrument such as timbre, balance and musicality, produces in the end a guitar with a denatured timbre, with a very linear sound that makes it difficult to play with nuance. Addressed exclusively to a clientele whose leitmotiv is to play the guitar to make music and not the other way around, I decided to use this principle of lattice dam and to develop it in order to find all the technical characteristics that a guitar worthy of the name must have. From this will was born the CRW12 equipped with a specific lattice system combined with specially designed components, in order to correct the shortcomings of the Australian lattice.   The CRW12 Lattice is therefore the result of increased research to benefit from the advantages of the lattice system in terms of power and projection, while preserving the DNA of the traditional classical guitar in terms of tone quality, balance and musicality.   The Fishman Pro Blend system allows the combination of two types of sources: a piezzo sensor under the saddle and an overhead mic positioned in the body, offering a very wide range of sound.

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