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CLUB MIXER DIGITAL AUDIO INTERFACE FOR SERATO DVS DJLa Reloop RMX-90 DVS is a club mixer 4-channel audio interface with 8 in / 8 out integrated. This mixer, completes the RMX series focusing on sound quality and a very professional production. It has a fully digital architecture with a high resolution 24-bit audio interface. With Intuitive decision, the majority of DJs, whether experienced or new, will have no trouble using this amazing mixer. Serato DJ & ENABLED DVS DVS The RMX-90 comes with the full version of Serato DJ, including DVS control. Technology ™ Advanced Noisemap Serato combined with the USB interface allows 24bit playback with extremely low latency and precise manipulation of records. The configuration type is plug-n-play and DVS can be used immediately after login. The RMX-90 DVS also comes with two vinyl records Serato Noisemap ™ for immediate utilisationquasi. OPERATING DEVICE WITH VISUAL FEEDBACK To be able to mix tracks according to your tastes, the RMX-90 DVS is equipped with a multi-effects "Beat FX" that uses 12 studio-quality effects that can be assigned individually. Beat FX can be synchronized via the BPM and the two high-resolution digital displays give visual feedback on the effect parameters and more. CONFIGURATION AND OPTIONSLe mixer configuration menu contains various functions and parameters that can be set by the user, including the filter resonance, the frequencies equalizations (high, low), the options of the audio interface and the Booth output. The crossfader curve and desfadersde routes can be adjusted and DJs who scratchent can also change the crossfader now putting in a home Innofader Audio Innovate. HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION The RMX-90 DVS is distinguished by manufacturing standards of the highest quality, its chassis is metal and the knobs are screwed to ensure excellent durability. The surface of the RMX-90 DVS is black metallic finish and very attractive with its great design. VERSATILE INTEGRATION The RMX-90 DVS is fully controllable via MIDI and can be used to control any MIDI software. USB plugs are on the rear face, which are used to connect to other USB devices such as storage media or MIDI controllers. The connection to the software is performed via a USB 2.0 high retention, particularly resistant, providing protection against malfunctions. The RMX-90 DVS combines the advantages of an analog console and the infinite possibilities of the digital world using vinyl.