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Mixtrack Platinium Fx


Mixtrack Platinium Fx

The Mixtrack Platinum FX 4-deck DJ controller gives you all the tools you need to become THE DJ who gets everyone on the floor rocking. It offers a host of features to simplify your DJing, including high-resolution 2-inch color displays built into the core of the decks to show essential session information at a glance, a comprehensive effects section with two palettes, and 16 multi-function performance pads.Run your sessions with an iron fistNever take your eyes off the crowd and stay focused on your mix at all times with the Mixtrack Platinum FX's two 2-inch color displays on each of the two large, ultra-precise 6-inch touch decks. See all the essential information of your session at a glance: BPM, deck position, time remaining, pitch and tone adjustment, everything is clearly and distinctly displayed so you can focus on your performance and the audience. Position your cues and samples with pinpoint accuracy thanks to the new 6-inch high-resolution decks.Mix on 4 decks with easeThe Platinum FX Mixtrack provides DJs with 4 decks, offering advanced mixing capabilities for both live and studio sessions. The deck selector allows you to easily and intuitively switch from one deck to another. Now you can unleash your creativity by mixing loops, acapella or mashups at your disposal with perfect fluidity. Control over your sound is provided by a mixing section with 3-band EQ, filter knobs, 100mm channel faders and a crossfader. Liven up your parties with the available microphone input, pre-listen with the headphone output and broadcast your mix via the RCA output!Unrestricted access to professional effectsAt the heart of the Mixtrack Platinum FX is an all-new, professional-grade effects section, including two FX performance levers usually only found on much more expensive machines. Easily control and trigger Serato DJ's built-in effects, and get instant access to essential effects like Echo, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser, HPF, and LPF with a series of quick-access buttons above the paddles to fire up the track with a snap of the fingers, or to make inimitable transitions.Spice up your sessionsExpand your creativity and create unforgettable mixes with the Mixtrack Platinum FX's 16 backlit multi-functional pads, which have dedicated quick-access buttons per shelf for different modes such as Hot Cues for placing cues on the fly, Auto Loop, Sample and the all-new Fader Cuts (a unique crossfader effect that reproduces a dynamic transition with the pads). Re-imagine and reinterpret your favorite songs and create something unique! Mixtrack Platinum FX also features a deck-based auto loop module with segment length control shortcuts and a Multiply button for easy control of your loops.Total Serato DJ ControlThe Mixtrack Platinum FX gives you complete control over Serato DJ Lite's intuitive, reliable and feature-rich software. Compatible with both PC and Mac, all you have to do is plug in your controller with the included USB cable and you're ready for hours of DJing! There's no need to install any special drivers or configure your setup at length to get the most out of your new controller.Simply plug-and-play - The Serato DJ Lite / Mixtrack Platinum FX pairing was designed to make your experience as simple as possible and now comes with demo tracks and an onboard tutorial to make your first steps into the world of DJing seamless.Built-in sound cardWith its 24-bit digital sound card, the Mixtrack Platinum FX is ready to use right out of the box. Plug in your headphones, microphone or sound system and start mixing with professional sound without the need for any additional interface.A flood of songsBundled with Serato DJ Lite, the Mixtrack Platinum FX gives you access to millions of songs from streaming services like TIDAL and SoundCloud via WiFi. With this new service, you'll never run out of songs at your parties or private performances.

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