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Spacedrum Evolution 13 notes - 60 cm - Chromatic

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Spacedrum Evolution 13 notes - 60 cm - Chromatic

The chromatic Spacedrum® is, until now, the only instrument from the handpan (Pantam) family recently created to propose a complete chromatic scale! Bigger than the diatonic and pentatonic models, it has 13 notes which really open new horizons to the musicians. It's no more necessary to buy several instruments to build a chromatic scale! This model can be put on a stand or on your laps despite it's a bit larger than its little brothers. The chromatic scale induce a new notes layout on the top (with four notes) which requires a little mental gymnastic to control the instrument. Thanks to a long research & development work in partnership with an engineering high school we’re happy to release the 4th generation Spacedrum®, made out of a special stainless alloy. The properties of this special alloy are particularly adapted for the outdoor playing: totally rustproof, even in the extrem climates (see shores, tropics...), hard enough to keep the tuning for years (in normal conditions of use). Added to that, the Spacedrum® Evolution (4th gen) develops more sustain and more sound volume while respecting the Spacedrum® original sound. This instrument is fragile and needs to be protected when it's not played. Our bags are specially designed for a good protection of the Spacedrum®. With the chromatic Spacedrum® you can explore all the harmonic possibilities of any kind of music! The chromatic scale is: C4 C#4 D4 Eb4 E4 F4 F#4 G4 G#4 A4 Bb4 B4 C5    

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