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Contrôleur MIDI, séquenceur

Piloter vos différents instruments de musique électroniques en MIDI ou CV/gate, avec des boutons et claviers.





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Akai Pro

Akai Pro - MPK Mini MKII - Red

Red is not dead. What more could Akai bring to a flawless product that's become a standard and has allowed so many talented people to discover the world of computer music, or CAM? The Akai Red is not dead is a product that's built to Akai standards, with a USB B port that's more robust than its predecessor's mini-USB base, and a pitch and modulation joystick, all of which is magnified by a red dress and a keyboard that's a perfect blend of red and black. A versatile Midi controller. The evolution of the MPKmini obviously includes everything that made its success: the grouping in a compact and robust chassis, the 25-key Midi keyboard and the backlit MPC-type pads sensitive to velocity, the 8 control knobs freely assignable thanks to the dedicated editing software, as well as the classic function keys directly from the MPC family, such as Note repeat and Full level. The MPKMINI mkII also includes a configurable arpeggiator whose configurations can be saved in two memory banks, allowing the use of different software, each with its own settings. Mini, but complete! The MPKmini mkII is aimed at both experienced musicians, already using music production software for a better grip, and beginner producers who will be able to gradually discover, thanks to the included software pack, the wonderful world of CAM with the MPC Essentials software, VIP 3, the Hybrid 3 plugins from Air Music Tech and Wobble from Sonivox, as well as the MPKmini Editor which will allow you to modify all the assignments of the MPKmini mkII. It's all here, it's up to you! 





Akai Pro

Akai Pro - MPK Mini Play

Anything for music. In this compact and robust chassis, you will find: a 25-key Midi keyboard, 8 backlit MPC-type pads sensitive to velocity, 4 control knobs that can be stored in two banks and freely assigned to the parameters of your plug-ins or music creation software, as well as the classic function keys directly from the MPC family, Note Repeat and Full Level. In addition to the usual master keyboard functions, the MPK Mini Play features 128 tones, 10 drum kits and its own loudspeaker so you can use it without a computer, in a completely autonomous way. Versatility and freedom. Whether it's for use with your Mac or PC via a USB cable, to sing along by the fire by connecting to the campsite sound system, or to compose in secret in the bathroom using the headphone socket, the MPK Mini Play is the ideal keyboard to accompany your artistic fibre. Everything you need to make music is at your fingertips. Indeed, when not connected and powered by your computer via the USB cable, the MPK Mini Play recovers all its positive energy from 3 AA batteries. Compatible with everyone. Everything is simple and intuitive! An oLed display with a rotary encoder allows you to choose from 128 tones and 10 battery kits. Add a little extra dimension to your performances with the X-Y joystick for pitchbend and Midi control, as well as 4 knobs that can be assigned via two banks for a total of 8 separate controllers used to modify internal sounds or control the parameters of your software or virtual instruments. Thanks to the built-in arpeggiator, the MPKmini Play can produce complex arpeggios and patterns without tiring your fingers too much. If, on the contrary, you are hyperactive and the 25 keys are not enough for you, the octave change buttons will expand your expressive abilities up or down. Mini, but complete! The MPK Mini Play is designed for both experienced musicians, who already use music production software to improve their skills, as well as for beginner producers who will be able to gradually discover the wonderful world of computer music with the included software pack, MPC Essentials, the Hybrid 3 plugins from Air Music Tech and Wobble from Sonivox. It's all here for you to let your imagination run wild!






Play. Check. Enjoy.The latest addition to Roland's extensive line of professional MIDI controllers, the A-88MKII is impressively playable and packed with creative tools for today's musicians and producers.Our famous hammer-action keyboard, rugged materials, modern features such as USB-C connectivity, backlit controllers, and future MIDI 2.0 compatibility for best-in-class performance.A controller that plays like an instrument:When it comes to MIDI controllers, playability is often overlooked. With the A-88MKII, you can enjoy the feel of our famous keyboard in your studio, which is appreciated by professional musicians around the world. Its wood construction provides a solid experience under your fingers.And you can easily adjust its sensitivity and response to suit your playing style.Highly expressive:The A-88MKII features three configurable zones, so the user can split the keyboard into different sounds or instruments, and layer them one on top of the other.Our unique Pitch/Mod lever and multiple backlit buttons and pads provide expressive controllers of your sound at your fingertips.The sustain pedal input, as well as two freely assignable pedal inputs, allow your feet to get into action as well.Creative Control :Today's musical styles require special production techniques. And software synths and modules don't always offer the built-in tools you need.The A-88MKII lets you expand your creative arsenal with three configurable zones, an advanced arpeggiator, chord memory, and multi-purpose pads for triggering commands and events, giving your live performances even more energy.MIDI 2.0 and USB-C The A-88MKII uses the latest technology to provide universal compatibility for many years to come.Its USB-C port provides power and single-cable connectivity to MacOS and Windows computers with iOS compatibility. And it's ready to take advantage of all the extended capabilities of MIDI 2.0.* To connect the A-88MK2 to an iOS-enabled device with Lightning, the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit and AC power connection for the A-88MKII are required.