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Moog One 8v


Moog One 8v

The ultimate Moog synthesizer - a tri-timbral, polyphonic, analog dream-synth designed to inspire imagination, stimulate creativity, and unlock portals to vast new realms of sonic potential. The first polyphonic analog synthesizer from Moog in more than three decades, Moog One is the culmination of years of research and has been developed to exceed principal expectations of a polyphonic Moog instrument.Moog One’s polyphonic sound engine is built on the most powerful synthesizer architecture ever employed by a Moog instrument. Per voice, Moog One offers 3 newly-designed analog VCOs, 2 independent analog filters, a dual source analog noise generator, analog mixer with external audio input, 4 LFOs, and 3 envelopes. To deliver an infinitely inspiring performance experience, each of the three timbres can be easily split or layered across Moog One’s expressive 61-note keyboard, each with its own sequencer, arpeggiator, and onboard effects library--including a suite of professional reverbs from Eventide®. Secured in a hand-finished Ash cabinet and aluminum enclosure, Moog One’s front panel is equipped with 73 knobs and 144 buttons, inviting physical connection with every sound shaping and performance control. Extended functionality is easily accessed via a per-module “More” button that brings additional parameters into focus using the Moog One center-panel LCD to ensure the most transparent and expedient sound creation experience possible. Moog One is an unprecedented conduit for the expression of your own creative voice. Sculpt, shape, and transform your own sound with nearly infinite possibilities.  

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The world of analog synthesis now has a reference. Being at the origin of the revival of analog synthesizers is already a great achievement, but redefining the standards of analog synthesis in the face of legendary brands was a challenge. With the MatrixBrute, Arturia offers us a beautiful and powerful synthesizer that meets the wildest dreams of sound designers and musicians eager to play with original sounds. The power of this synthesizer is hidden under the matrix. Equipped with 3 analog oscillators, this instrument already offers a synthesis power that will satisfy the most demanding. But all this would only be possible without the famous matrix that the MatrixBrute is equipped with. This matrix allows you to modulate any synthesis parameter with another of your choice, thus increasing its already infinite possibilities tenfold. And with the greatest ease of use! The power and heat of analog synthesis. Each of the 3 oscillators can be combined with the others or assigned to a note (paraphony). If most of the articles you have read describe it as a monodic instrument, you should know that the MatrixBrute can be transformed into a 3 voice analog synthesizer. Nuance! The heat of the sound generated by its 3 VCOs far exceeds the majority of current instruments. The matrix with the triple face. The MatrixBrute's modulation matrix is not only limited to modulation assignments, but also offers a Program mode that allows you to quickly navigate through the 256 programs, as well as access the sequencer and arpeggiator. The sequencer section makes it possible to record a sequence of 64 steps for each program. This sequence can be recorded in step-by-step mode as well as in real time. The arpeggiator, on the other hand, offers a visualization of its progress on the matrix and offers access to the hybrid mode: because the MatrixBrute integrates a hybrid mode halfway between the arpeggiator and the sequencer! This new mode allows you to draw your arpeggios on the matrix, activate or deactivate each step and of course play the result by placing chords on the keyboard.

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Korg - Wavestate


Korg - Wavestate

Wave Sequencing 2.0 With Wavestation, each step of a Wave Sequencing had a duration, a sample and a step. This created patterns that caught the ear - but the patterns repeated themselves the same way, over and over again. What if they could evolve organically and unexpectedly, instead of repeating themselves? Wave Sequencing 2.0 separates timing, sample sequence and melody, so that each can be manipulated independently. New features have also been added, including shapes, gate lengths and sequence step values. Each of these is a "Lane", and each Lane can have a different number of steps and its own start, end and loop points. Each time the sequence advances, the different lanes are combined to create the output. For example, a sample may have a different duration, step, shape, trigger length and sequence step value each time it is played. You can modulate the start, end, and loop points of each Lane separately for each note, using velocity, LFOs, envelopes, modulation knobs, or other controllers. Each note of a chord can play something different! Easily expressive. Exceptionally deep Overflowing with buttons and controllers, Wavestate invites you to explore. All the basics - filters, envelopes, LFOs, effects - are at your fingertips with dedicated controls on the front panel. Eight programmable modulation knobs are customizable to bring out the best in every sound, often taking them in entirely new directions. Use the knobs in real time and save the results as new sounds. Add the Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels and the unique Vector joystick, and you'll always have multiple dimensions of expression in real time. Want to dig deeper? Almost all the front panel buttons and most on-screen parameters can be modulated. You can even modulate parameters for individual wave sequence steps! Modulation processors allow you to transform modulation signals using quantization, smoothing, bending, and more.  Randomization that inspires Looking for more inspiration? A dedicated button on the front panel, marked with a "dice" icon, generates new sounds thanks to intelligent randomization. Randomize the whole sound or just a part of it, such as the filter, sample track or effects. Use the results directly, or as a starting point for your own creations.  Many samples. 64 stereo voices. With a total of several gigabytes, the Wavestation's sample library is more than a thousand times larger than that of the original Wavestation. That's a lot of raw material for wave sequences. There is a sample bank from the Guru Plugin, brand new samples from KORG, and a selection of the Kronos and Krome libraries. Of course, KORG also provides all the Wavestation samples (including all options), plus a huge library of Wavestation Wave Sequences. Play up to 64 stereo voices with absolute clarity, using KORG's exclusive technology for alias-free sample playback.  Choose your filter Add a vintage character to your sounds with the aggressive low-pass or high-pass filters of the MS-20, or the powerful and smooth low-pass of the Polysix. Shape and refine your sound with a complete collection of 2- and 4-pole resonant low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band reject filters. Or, take it one step further with KORG's unique Multi filter, which creates modular mixes of multiple modes simultaneously. Multiply by four With all that synthesizing power, you might think that Wavestate would only play one sound at a time. Not a chance. For even richer, more complex results, layer up to four programs in a Performance - each with its own effects and arpeggiator. The Vector Envelope and Joystick mix the individual voices of the four layers, and can also modulate any other parameter. An arsenal of effects Wavestate's superb effects provide sounds that are ready to be produced. Each Layer has three dedicated effects; in addition, the Performance has a global reverb and parametric EQ. In addition to standards such as compressors, EQ, choruses, flangers, phasers and stereo delays, you'll find distinctive processors such as the Wave Shaper, Talking Modulator, Reverse Delay, Multiband Mod Delay and Overb (from OASYS), as well as modeled effects including VOX guitar amps, VOX wah, Multiband Echo and a collection of classic guitar pedals. Smooth sound transitions and settings lists. Set Lists effortlessly organize your wavetate performances and provide instant access during live performances or rehearsals. Smooth sound transitions allow previously played vocals and effects to continue to resonate naturally, even when a new sound is selected. Designed by KORG R&D in California KORG R&D created the original Wavestation, co-created the OASYS and Kronos, and developed core technologies behind several other KORG instruments. The WaveState reflects their unique aesthetics, offering stunning sound and deep flexibility through cutting-edge technologies. Three of the principal sound designers of the original Wavestation, John Bowen, John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl (Plugin Guru), and Peter "Ski" Schwartz, joined Belgian artist Airwave and KORG's renowned Sound Designer team to create the incredible library of WaveState sounds.

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Head Rush - Gigboard pedal

Headrush FX

Head Rush - Gigboard pedal

In line! Like its big brother the Pedalboard, the Gigboard HeadRush has an all-metal construction for extra strength and durability, but in a smaller size for even greater mobility. On the navigation side, this high-end guitar processor features 4 front foot switches with oLed displays, a state-of-the-art 7-inch touch screen, and an encoder button to scroll through menu options or adjust values, not to mention the main volume control. The creativity toolbox. The Gigboard comes with a generous supply of effects models of all kinds, modern or classic vintage amps, cabinets of various sizes and dimensions, and microphones, each one more mythical than the last. It is also possible to load third-party impulse response files for even more possibilities. In addition to this inexhaustible source of tools for creating powerful sound textures, the Gigboard also offers flagship features including instant and seamless preset switching with preservation of the end of the current reverb or delay, and a looper mode that allows up to 20 minutes of recording time. Exemplary navigation. Once you're at the controls of the Gigboard, you'll be amazed at its efficiency! The touch screen is a must when you need to create a custom configuration, add an amplifier, speaker or effect, and position them in the signal chain so you can instantly take advantage of the changes you make to your sound before saving it to your favorite setlist. Finally, the Pedalboard offers a hands-free mode for fine-tuning your settings from footswitches and/or an optional expression pedal (sold separately). Natural integration. Let's take a quick tour of the connections available on the back panel of this jewel of technology. From left to right, you have a jack input for connecting your guitar, a 3.5mm minijack auxiliary input for connecting an external audio device, an input for connecting an expression pedal, and a second for an expression pedal switch. On the output side, the footswitch has two 6.35 mm jack outputs, one output for an external amplifier pedal and one 6.35 mm jack headphone output. Finally, for the most demanding guitarists, the Gigboard features two 1/4" stereo send/return jacks for inserting your external pedals into the signal chain, and a 5-pin Midi input/output for linking to any compatible Midi device. Finally, the USB port allows connection to a Mac/Pc computer for data transfer, importing new sound packs, loading IR files or updating internal software. You can also use the USB connection to turn your Gigboard into a true 24-bit/96kHz sound card with recording or reamplification capabilities.

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Vypyr Tube 120


Vypyr Tube 120

The VYPYR Tube 120 2x12 and VYPYR Tube 60 1x12 combo amplifiers feature 24 amp channel models - two channels each of 12 popular amps for the first time in the world - plus 11 editable preamp stomp box effects and 11 editable post-amp rack effects with dual parameter control, global reverb and global delay. The VYPYR Tube 120 and Tube 60 use a 6L6GC tube power amp inspired by the Peavey 6505 and a preamp that combines a 12AX7 tube with a patented TransTube sound.With twice the processing power, models and effects of competing modeling amplifiers, the VYPYR series dramatically redefines the power and scope of modern guitar amplification. VYPYR amplifiers are based on powerful 32-bit floating point SHARC processors that allow for highly detailed and accurate modeling, as well as far greater flexibility and features than have ever been available in guitar amplification before.Music retailers across the U.S. voted Peavey's VYPYR Series as Product of the Year in the annual Music Sound Awards, produced by the industry journal Music Sound Retailer. The Peavey VYPYR Series also won Instrument Amplifier of the Year in the Music Sound Awards, and Amplifier Line of the Year by retailers voting in the annual Music Merchandise Review (MMR) magazine survey.Peavey VYPYR amps are endorsed by top hard rock guitarists including Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu of Trivium, Matt Tuck of Bullet For My Valentine and Phil Demmel of Machine Head.Amplifier models included in the VYPYR Tube lineup include the Peavey 6505, JSX, Triple XXX and Classic Series, as well as the B-Kat, Brit, Plxi, Dlx, Twn, Dzl, K-Stein and Rec models. Preamp pedal models include TubeScrm, XR Wild, X Boost, Fuzz, BC Chorus, Analog Phase, Analog Phase, Auto Wah, Squeeze, MOG and Ring Modulator, while rack effects models include Tremolo, Chorus, Envelope Filter, Slap Back, Flanger, Octaver, Phaser, Rotary Speaker, Reverse, Pitch Shifter and Looper.

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American Professional II Stratocaster MN Miami Blue


American Professional II Stratocaster MN Miami Blue

The American Professional II Stratocaster draws on over sixty years of innovation, inspiration and evolution to meet the needs of today's professional guitarist. Our popular Deep "C" profile neck now features smoothly rounded fingerboard edges, a "Super-Natural" satin finish and an all-new sculpted heel that provides a particularly comfortable feel and easy access to the treble. The new single-coil V-Mod II Stratocaster pickups continue to produce the same warm, shimmering sound but are more accurate than ever. A reworked two-point vibrato with a cold-rolled steel block increases sustain, clarity and treble brilliance. The American Pro II Stratocaster is a versatile guitar that will sound immediately familiar. Plus, its many enhancements raise the bar for what is nothing short of a new standard in the professional instrument department. The American Professional II Stratocaster draws on over sixty years of innovation, inspiration and evolution to meet the needs of today's professional guitarist.Our popular Deep "C" profile neck now features smoothly rounded fingerboard edges, a "Super-Natural" satin finish and an all-new sculpted heel that provides an especially comfortable feel and easy access to the treble. The new single-coil V-Mod II Stratocaster pickups continue to produce the same warm, shimmering sound but are more accurate than ever. A reworked two-point vibrato with a cold-rolled steel block increases sustain, clarity and treble brilliance.The American Pro II Stratocaster is a versatile guitar that will sound immediately familiar. Plus, its many enhancements raise the bar for what is nothing short of a new benchmark in the professional instrument department.

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