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Akai Pro


Anything for music.In this compact and robust chassis, you will find: a 25-key Midi keyboard, 8 backlit MPC-type pads sensitive to velocity, 4 control knobs that can be stored in two banks and freely assigned to the parameters of your plug-ins or music creation software, as well as the classic function keys directly from the MPC family, Note Repeat and Full Level. In addition to the usual master keyboard functions, the MPK Mini Play features 128 tones, 10 drum kits and its own loudspeaker so you can use it without a computer, in a completely autonomous way.Versatility and freedom.Whether it's for use with your Mac or PC via a USB cable, to sing along by the fire by connecting to the campsite sound system, or to compose in secret in the bathroom using the headphone socket, the MPK Mini Play is the ideal keyboard to accompany your artistic fibre. Everything you need to make music is at your fingertips. Indeed, when not connected and powered by your computer via the USB cable, the MPK Mini Play recovers all its positive energy from 3 AA batteries.Compatible with everyone.Everything is simple and intuitive! An oLed display with a rotary encoder allows you to choose from 128 tones and 10 battery kits. Add a little extra dimension to your performances with the X-Y joystick for pitchbend and Midi control, as well as 4 knobs that can be assigned via two banks for a total of 8 separate controllers used to modify internal sounds or control the parameters of your software or virtual instruments. Thanks to the built-in arpeggiator, the MPKmini Play can produce complex arpeggios and patterns without tiring your fingers too much. If, on the contrary, you are hyperactive and the 25 keys are not enough for you, the octave change buttons will expand your expressive abilities up or down.Mini, but complete!The MPK Mini Play is designed for both experienced musicians, who already use music production software to improve their skills, as well as for beginner producers who will be able to gradually discover the wonderful world of computer music with the included software pack, MPC Essentials, the Hybrid 3 plugins from Air Music Tech and Wobble from Sonivox. It's all here for you to let your imagination run wild!




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Standard Series D-28 LH

Martin Guitar

Standard Series D-28 LH

"The D-28 is the ultimate dreadnought, a model of functional functional simplicity that doesn't forget to be beautiful in its simplicity. It's no coincidence that Hank Williams, Elvis, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Jimmy Page wrote their best songs on D-28s. And it's no coincidence that D-28s from the 1930s are selling for the price of for the price of a house... In designing this guitar, Martin chose spruce for the top and rosewood for the back and sides, a combination that has become combination that has become the standard of the genre and has since been adopted by all and has since been adopted by all competing brands. **It seems odd to talk about versatility with regard to the D-28, since its personality is so distinctive. It seems odd to talk about the D-28's versatility, so marked is its personality. And yet, despite its instantly recognizable sound, the immediately recognizable sound, the beauty will be as comfortable with languid fingerpicking or wild strumming, from Donovan to Neil Young if you prefer. Rosewood and dreadnought shape combine for a generous and comfortable low end the guarantee of a good sound base. **In 2017, Martin revamped its D-28 to make it the absolute standard for the brand, the one that's the absolute standard of the brand, the one to be considered first before looking at the the rest of the range. It features an advanced X-barrier, the more powerful and responsive sound, open action with butterbean buttons, and open action with butterbean buttons, and a slim High Performance neck that allows neck for unobstructed solo play. The D-28 is a timeless reference, and there are good reasons for that. "


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Poly 800

The Poly-800 is an eight voice synthesizer with 64 memory patches and 50 editable parameters. Like the Juno, the Poly-800 had one DCO per voice. The analog filter is a 24dB/oct lowpass that is shared by all voices (the Juno has separate filter chips for each voice). There is also a stereo chorus effect, chord memory, a simple built-in sequencer, three digital envelope generators (for the oscillators, noise generator and filter), and a funky joystick used to adjust pitch, modulation and filter.The Poly-800 is an eight-voice instrument (two more than the Juno series) with 64 memory patches (half of what the Juno-106 offered) and up to 50 editable parameters! Like the Juno, the Poly-800 has one DCO per voice, although it has a Dual mode where oscillators can be stacked for a fuller sound and only four voices of polyphony. The analog filter is a 24dB/oct lowpass that is shared by all voices (the Juno has separate filters for each voice). There is also a stereo chorus effect, chord memory, a simple built-in sequencer, three digital envelope generators (for the oscillators, noise generator and filter), and a funky joystick used to adjust pitch, modulation and filter.Unlike the Juno, which was still a "studio" instrument, the Poly-800 was built for the performer. Featuring a lightweight plastic case (only 10 lbs.), a few low-profile knobs and sliders, and only 49 keys, the Poly-800 is battery operated and has guitar strap hooks so it can be worn like a keytar. A less common reverse color keytar design is also released for a unique look.


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The Roland JC-120B Jazz Chorus is a guitar combo that has been revered by many guitarists since its release. Introduced by the Japanese brand in 1975, it is still going strong today and its popularity has remained intact. It is one of the few transistor amps used by many famous guitarists. This amp is known for its clear sound, even at high volumes, and its natural chorus, the colour of which is enhanced by the two 12" speakers, each delivering 60 watts (120 watts in total).Despite its classic sound, the JC-120B has everything you need to create a custom sound. Two channels are present, each with its own three-band EQ and a Bright switch, which adds a little brightness to the sound. Channel 2 gains a reverb and distortion, both of which are joined by a vibrato and chorus, the latter of which can be activated on each channel. Roland has also spoiled us with a large number of available connections. The two channels each have two inputs, High and Low, in order to manage the output level of the guitar used. At the back of the amp there is an effects loop linked to channel 2, which can be used in series or in parallel. A stereo line out allows the amp to be plugged into a mixing console or audio interface. Finally, three foot switch inputs are provided for remote control of the amp's effects.Thanks to its transistor technology and robust design, it will be happy to accompany you on tour without having to worry about a breakdown due to a hectic trip.


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