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Roland FA-06B

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The new generation of Roland workstations displays an unprecedented power and luxury of possibilities. The Fantom-G is a dream instrument that pushes the boundaries of musical expression and creation with its state-of-the-art tone generator, connections for the new ARX SuperNATURAL™ extensions, large color display, impressive audio/MIDI sequencerAn unparalleled sound generator With its powerful audio processor, the Fantom-G series offers unparalleled sonic depth and versatility. With twice the ROM capacity of its predecessor, this series offers the famous SRX quality sounds. But the most important features of this instrument are the ARX memory expansion slots and the new "SuperNATURAL" sounds, which are produced by separate synth and effect engines.  Absolutely 'SuperNATURAL' ARX ExtensionsThe Fantom-G has ARX connectors that can accommodate these "SuperNATURAL" series expansion cards. Roland's "SuperNATURAL" technology is based on a new behavioral modeling technique that provides a natural sounding expression never before heard on synthesizers. Applied to the sounds of acoustic instruments, "SuperNATURAL" technology captures the delicate tonal changes, subtle shifts in timbre, and nuances of playing real instruments. It is also a powerful tool for electronic sounds, breathing new life and expression into them.  New sequencer on board The Fantom-G series is the first to feature Roland's all-new sequencer. This professional composition tool offers 128 midi tracks and 24 audio tracks (simultaneously) on a large screen. This graphical control can be further accelerated and simplified with a mouse. To make the most of this extraordinary power, the instrument is equipped with a combined XLR and TRS connector, phantom power for condenser microphones, a high-impedance input for guitar/bass and a line input.  Beautiful, extra-large LCD display At a glance, the Fantom-G Series instruments are second to none. Made of high quality materials, with an aesthetically pleasing design, these synths have it all. The very large 21.6 cm (8.5") TFT color display makes it easy to operate. In addition, it offers numerous hardware controls, including eight faders, four knobs and ten buttons (below the display).  Extraordinary effects The Fantom-G series includes an amazing effects section: you can now use separate multi-effects for each sound/part!In 16-part multitimbral mode, you can use up to 22 effect routings simultaneously. You can also use up to 16 insert effects per Patch and top it off with the global reverb and chorus effects. The mastering effects give the finishing touch to songs created with the internal sequencer. 

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Black Edition of the FA-06. Non-contractual photos. The Black Edition has a black color (black keys and not white).



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