Zicplace Show-Room

Music shop

Musical instrument showroom, a few meters from the exit of the Metro line 9, Croix-de-Chavaux station, shopping center exit. 
Possibility to try out instruments and also luthier's instruments. 
Second-hand instruments for sale by private individuals. Estimation. Expertise with our network of experts per instrument.
Inventory and resale of studio instruments.
Private or group lessons in guitar, bass, drums, and piano for beginners. From 10€ per hour.
Repair of vintage synths and guitar amps, guitar tuning, fretting, planning, string changes. On-site workshop and outsourcing to Zicplace experts for special jobs.
Special orders and repairs for music schools and conservatories, studio setup. International export.
SSL 2 (LMC + and FlexVerb)

Solid State Logic

SSL 2 (LMC + and FlexVerb)

The SSL 2 is designed for sound and quality conscious beginners who are satisfied with two inputs and outputs and appreciate the present and concise sound of the SSL 4000. The 4K switch increases the treble on the one hand and ensures subtle harmonic distortion on the other. Both inputs can be switched from Line to Hi-Z, so a possible scenario would be to record a voice with a condenser microphone simultaneously with an electric guitar. If you need MIDI jacks, you'll have to use the big brother SSL 2+, which also offers more outputs.Solid State Logic is pleased to extend the production package supplied with its SSL2 and SSL2+ audio interfaces with two popular plugins, FlexVerb and LMC+.THE LMC+Classic SSL LMC compression and new creative tools.The LMC+ plug-in brings to your DAW a vastly improved version of the true SSL standard Listen Mic Compressor as originally found on the centre section of the legendary SSL 4000E console, with a range of new creative tools for artists, producers and engineers.FlexVerbSimple, powerful, intuitive and comprehensive.FlexVerb is a brand new, extremely versatile and comprehensive reverb plug-in developed by SSL, designed to produce professional, mix-ready sound quickly and intuitively. FlexVerb's versatile primary/secondary reflection interface allows you to add the natural body and tone of different primary room reflections, complemented by the richness of a wide variety of reverb drop types.


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sébastien burlet le 05/11/2020 à 09h03

Super magasin de musique sur Montreuil, à deux pas du métro Croix-de-Chavaux ligne 9, sortie centre commercial. Et on peut essayer plein de matos batterie, guitare, synthé.

Ulysse BP le 15/11/2020 à 17h14

Magasin de musique à Montreuil agréable, ne pas hésiter à poser des questions aux vendeurs qui prendront un plaisir à vous répondre!

Olivier PL le 15/11/2020 à 17h54

Zicplace c'est un spot de passionnés de musique aux petits soins pour vous. Leur boutique est basée à Montreuil (proche du métro Croix de Chavaux). C'est également une boutique e-commerce très fournie pour s'offrir un instrument en quelques clics.

armand bp le 22/11/2020 à 17h35

super magasin, équipe, choix d'instruments à des prix raisonnables...à ne pas manquer !

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