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Musical instrument showroom, a few meters from the exit of the Metro line 9, Croix-de-Chavaux station, shopping center exit. 
Possibility to try out instruments and also luthier's instruments. 
Second-hand instruments for sale by private individuals. Estimation. Expertise with our network of experts per instrument.
Inventory and resale of studio instruments.
Private or group lessons in guitar, bass, drums, and piano for beginners. From 10€ per hour.
Repair of vintage synths and guitar amps, guitar tuning, fretting, planning, string changes. On-site workshop and outsourcing to Zicplace experts for special jobs.
Special orders and repairs for music schools and conservatories, studio setup. International export.



Thinking back to the origins of electronic music, the Behringer TD-3 analogue synthesizer and sequencer produces the thrilling rhythms and big bass sounds that have defined electro-funk, acid, techno and house over the past 30 years . The TD-3 is an authentic interpretation of its iconic predecessor, with an all-analogue signal path, 16-step sequencer, transistor waveform circuitry, built-in arpeggiator and resonant low-pass filter. Four poles that exude character. The TD-3 is the reincarnation of a retro-style groove machine for producers and sound designers you'll love. The TD-3's signature Behringer rumble and punch starts with an authentic analog VCO. Choose between a scratched, aggressive sawtooth or a bright, resonant square wave to lay the foundation for your bass synth creations. Then distort and transform them with the TD-3's four-pole resonant VCF until they scream, shout and shout. Programming the 7-track, 16-step sequencer on the TD-3 is child's play. Compose your patterns in Step mode or use the Keyboard mode to play and record them in real time and save up to 250 of them for instant recall. Bring your sequences to life with programmable accents and slides and manipulate them using the TD-3's 11 controls and 28 switches for dynamic performance. And for even more excitement, press the arpeggiator to create complex, evolving melodies and otherworldly effects. The TD-3 is a small stand-alone instrument but, with its Poly Chain output, you can connect it to multiple modules for insane 16-voice polyphony. And it sounds great with other instruments, integrating easily into your synthesizer and DAW equipment via 5-pin DIN and USB-MIDI, as a master or slave module.



The NT1 is a revolutionary new 1" diaphragm condenser microphone from RØDE.Although the design of the new NT1 looks similar to the NT1-A, this microphone has been completely redesigned and the only thing in common is its grille.RØDE engineers worked on the NT1 to combine innovation and tradition, starting with the design of its capsule which is completely new. Named HF6, it is the very example of RØDE's fusion of artistic design and innovative manufacturing technique, and it has a signature sound reminiscent of old microphones, while at the same time offering an exceptionally low noise level.It has been designed with an emphasis on precise midrange response combined with smooth, harmonious high frequencies and warm, balanced bass reproduction to make the NT1 the best in its class.In yet another world first for RØDE, the transducer itself is suspended in the microphone using Rycote's innovative Lyre System to minimize external vibration at the capsule. The capsule is then combined with high quality electronics that have been designed to provide the lowest possible noise level among the studio microphones available today. The NT1 is an incredibly quiet microphone with only 4.5 dBA of clean noise.It is machined from 6061 aluminum and then nickel-plated to resist corrosion. Finally, it is coated with a tough, military-grade ceramic coating using advanced electrostatic application techniques developed by RØDE to ensure an extremely scratch- and scuff-resistant finish.The NT1 comes with SM6, a high-quality suspension mount that provides isolation from external physical factors that can cause unwanted rumble and vibration in the microphone. It includes a detachable pop filter with two adjustment axes and a telescopic arm for perfect versatility of use.The NT1 is designed and manufactured in Australia.


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sébastien burlet le 05/11/2020 à 09h03

Super magasin de musique sur Montreuil, à deux pas du métro Croix-de-Chavaux ligne 9, sortie centre commercial. Et on peut essayer plein de matos batterie, guitare, synthé.

Ulysse BP le 15/11/2020 à 17h14

Magasin de musique à Montreuil agréable, ne pas hésiter à poser des questions aux vendeurs qui prendront un plaisir à vous répondre!

Olivier PL le 15/11/2020 à 17h54

Zicplace c'est un spot de passionnés de musique aux petits soins pour vous. Leur boutique est basée à Montreuil (proche du métro Croix de Chavaux). C'est également une boutique e-commerce très fournie pour s'offrir un instrument en quelques clics.

armand bp le 22/11/2020 à 17h35

super magasin, équipe, choix d'instruments à des prix raisonnables...à ne pas manquer !

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