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Clavia Nord piano 4

The fourth generation of an exceptional Keyboard The fourth generation of our award-winning Piano series combines greatly expanded voice polyphony, a premium Triple Sensor keybed and our acclaimed Virtual Hammer Action Technology for the ultimate piano experience. The Nord Piano 4 also includes brilliant new performance features like Seamless Transitions, dedicated Piano Filters and Split Point Crossfades delivering a live focused keyboard with exceptional piano feel.    Enhanced polyphony for the Piano and Sample Synth sections The Nord Piano 4 pushes the limits of its predecessor even further by offering a 120-way polyphony for its Piano section, compared to 40/60 for the previous model. The Sample Synth section evolves from 15 to 30 channels.   Expanded memory for the Sample Synth section Do you lack the storage space to accommodate all your sound samples? Good news, Nord Piano 4 doubles the storage space of the Sample Synth section (512 MB).   Seamless transitions Nord Piano 4 allows for smooth and transparent transitions. Now you can play without interruption and alternate your sounds and programs, focusing solely on your performance.   Advanced Layer and Split features Nord Piano 4 has two sound sections (Piano and Sample Synth) that can be combined in one layer or divided on the keyboard according to seven split marks. The new crossfade feature allows smooth and gradual transitions between two split zones.   A refined organization mode The new Organize mode includes Copy/Paste and Move functions to quickly rearrange your programs. All programs, pianos and samples can be easily browsed using a new list form, offering alphabetical, numerical and category sorting options. An optional keypad also gives you instant access to programs by entering the program number. In addition to these enhancements, Nord Piano 4 is equipped, like its predecessor, with a superior three-sensor keyboard and Virtual Hammer Action technology for a playing experience worthy of that of a real acoustic piano.      Technical data   Piano section - Sections that include carefully multi-sampled acoustic and digital pianos (Nord piano library format*), and stored in flash rom (1 GB) - Polyphony: from 40 to 60 notes (depending on the type of sample used) - Advanced string resonance technology (Gen 2) for ultra-realistic reproduction of sympathetic resonance between strings - 4 dynamics curves - Dynamic simulation of pedal noise with the triple pedal North - Long release / long release   * The Nord piano library is a constantly evolving sample bank of acoustic and electric pianos and the sounds that make it up can be downloaded here. It is a sound bank with a unique character that includes grand pianos, upright pianos, legendary electric pianos, keyboards and harpsichords, offering you an astonishing palette of sounds.   Section sample synth - 256 MB of flash Rom allocated to store samples from the Nord sample library** or from Nord sample editor software - 15 voices of polyphony - Attack/release and dynamics controls (filter and velocity) - Each sample is replaceable thanks to the Nord sound manager software.   ** The Nord sample library (downloadable here) is a large sample library including original Mellotron and Chamberlin files (under license).   ***The Nord sample editor software (downloadable here ) allows you to convert your own samples (from .wav files) to play them from the sample synth section.   Effects section - All effects are stereo - Lamp overdrive simulation - Vibe effect - Separate reverb/delay effect - Tremolo, pan, ring-mod and wah-wah can be controlled with a foot pedal. 


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The LP series shines with refinement: elegant design, perfect touch and sound. More than ever before, Korg has put innovation at the service of music and visual pleasure. The LP series combines elegance and modernity. It wasn't enough that it was excellent and cheap. It had to be beautiful! It has long been known that Korg is a master at designing and building quality digital pianos. All that was missing was the combination of realistic sounds, a touch worthy of an acoustic model, and a price that everyone could afford. With a truly successful and classy aesthetic that even the grumpiest of reactionaries can only applaud. An elegant design that nevertheless conceals the best that technology has to offer in this field, like the phoenix of the hosts of these woods whose ramage is related to its plumage: a grand piano stereo sound rich in harmonics and dynamics, built-in amplification and two headphone sockets, not to mention the 120 notes of polyphony and the three truer-than-life expression pedals. A faithful companion. Around thirty tones complete the high-end features of this digital piano which will be the faithful companion for learning but also for creation for jazz, classical or pop lovers. Whatever your level of play, it will faithfully reproduce all the nuances of your music. You may wonder why some people still take the risk of breaking their back, cluttering up their living room or ruining their savings account when there is a very simple solution for them! Listen to the LP380, play it, you're bound to be won over!




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