Online payment is secure . It is entrusted to the French-licensed and European-passported payment institution Lemon Way, which holds the money on behalf of third parties. The company Disruptor, which manages the Zicplace website, does not store any payment information in its systems. Credit card numbers are transmitted directly to Lemon Way.

Sellers are checked and monitored by our Zicplace boarding and control teams. They have to submit supporting documents which are checked by Lemon Way. This may seem "annoying" at first, but it avoids problems such as undeclared bankruptcies of sellers, tax evasion, and the impossibility of prosecuting an unscrupulous private seller who does not sell the described musical instrument or never sends it.

The ads are proofread and checked by our Zicplace experts.

The article sheets with the technical data of the musical instruments are written by us, using tests of demo equipment lent by the brands or bought and available at the Zicplace Showroom, and technical instructions for use. We test a part of the musical instruments that are sold by music shops or professional online sellers. We cannot test all new musical instruments, but we do monitor the quality of the brands and musical instruments on sale at Zicplace.

The notices are proofread and checked to avoid abuse and brand placement.

You have 14 days to return a musical instrument that does not suit you when you buy online at Zicplace. See our terms and conditions for more information. More days would be a risk of damaging the instruments, damaging a varnish, to the detriment of the sellers. Zicplace is an intermediary that seeks the right balance for the benefit of our members.