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Genos redefines the concept of the keyboard. Never before has it been so easy to use all the qualities of a full-featured, great-sounding arranger, as well as the full features of a true professional workstation.Sound quality never before achievedYamaha uses proprietary advanced sampling technologies to enable Genos to deliver incredibly professional sound quality. In addition, all of the instrument's sounds are magnified by the power of DSPs never before possible.- AEM (Articulation Element Modeling)This technology simulates the natural characteristics of musical instruments. During a performance, the instrument activates appropriate samples, in real time, depending on what and how you play. The samples are articulated - just as they would naturally occur on a real acoustic instrument.-Revo!Drum/SFX KitsRevo!Drum technology, used on many drum kits, reproduces an incredibly authentic sound. Up to 20 different samples of a single percussion element have been realized. For example, if you play a key with a snare sound several times, it is reproduced with a different nuance each time. These kits, used in styles, become particularly natural and realistic.ContentGenos is first and foremost an instrument that offers "pro" content: 1700 exclusive tones, 550 hyper-realistic styles, an arpeggiator with a huge library, multiple Multi Pads, and much more.Thanks to its large screen and ergonomics designed for easy and intuitive access, content is quickly accessible, for immediate playing pleasure.DSP and VCM effectsFrom Reverb and Distortion to Rotary Speakers and Compressors, Genos has unprecedented DSP power.Using the same VCM technology as Yamaha's high-end professional mixers, Genos offers the tools to create the perfect sound. Not only are the effects great, but a superb graphical user interface allows you to view them and adjust all the parameters.Vocal Harmonizer and VocoderWhen you connect a microphone, you can automatically apply various vocal harmony effects to your voice while you sing, or you can use the Vocoder to apply synthesizer sounds to your voice.