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Fantom 6


Fantom 6

Expand your horizon. FANTOMs continue to grow and evolve with new sounds and features added regularly. Roland Cloud offers dozens of Sound Packs and Modeling Extensions that keep your music fresh, while regular updates bring new features and user-requested improvements to enhance the FANTOM experience. Modeling Extensions are available for the following instruments: - ZENOLOGY and ZENOLOGY Pro - JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm - FANTOM range Maximum creativity for a more complete experience No more complex modes and menus, its operation is optimized to make the experience more fluid and fast. Create and shape your compositions instantly. A creative process that integrates seamlessly with any computer. The Fantom's maximum creativity mode is always active, no more need to go through menus and sub-menus to overcome technical problems, you'll be efficient wherever you play. No sound compromises, no more technical limits, let your ideas guide you and focus on creating! A sound generator without equal With 40 years of expertise in sound creation, the Fantom's generator integrates both classic and modern sounds. With its Behavior Modelling processors, this workstation offers precise, flexible controls, wide polyphony and multiple patches. Above all, the Fantom is a scalable platform, ready to accommodate future sounds and features. After packing all kinds of technology and sound quality, what could be more important than the feeling of an instrument that responds to your fingers and lets you express yourself fully? The Fantom features Roland's finest keyboards, including the famous PHA-50 for the 88-key version, and an all-new semi-weighted keyboard for the 61- and 76-key versions. The Fantom workstation excels in its speed of creation and arrangement. With its RGB pads, TR-REC sequencer, real-time recording with Piano-Roll, as well as a recording grid and clip launch, you'll be able to perform your compositions. The TR-REC sequencer has been upgraded on the Fantom and features step subdivisions, step automation and chord management.The Fantom doesn't stop there, it can control software synthesizers directly from its touch screen, modular synths or analog synths via its dual CV/Gate output. It is a real high quality audio interface with 16 stereo outputs and 3 stereo inputs. A real platform capable of increasing its power when connected to another device!

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Sk Pro 73


Sk Pro 73

The SK PRO incorporates the most advanced "Modelled Tone Wheel 1" (MTW1) sound engine, pioneered by the Hammond XK-5 Organ, widely recognized as the standard in digital tone wheel organ sound.The newly developed Virtual Multi-Contact system replicates the keyboard behavior of a Vintage Hammond Organ, giving the player the distinctive Hammond "touch" experience in great detail. For even greater versatility, our optional MIDI Pedalboards such as the XPK-130G, XPK-200G, XPK-200GL, can trigger this Virtual Multi-Contact system for pedalboard sounds.A new generation of on-board Digital Leslie brings deeper authenticity, including the airflow of the Leslie rotors, faithfully reproducing the Leslie's unique sound and three-dimensional effect.A new tube modeling system provides the essential Hammond "warmth-to-tubes".A special system emulating the Matching Transformer of a vintage Hammond Organ adds a striking authenticity to the Hammond Harmonic Drawbar tones.In addition to the pull-tab sound sets, the SK PRO also models Italian, British and Japanese organ combos, which have made a comeback in today's music.The player can also call upon the full range of Classical Pipe Organ Voices, and for the first time ever in a modern keyboard, a range of Theater Pipe Organ Voices is now included.The 4 sound engines can be used simultaneously or separately, including the MTW1 for the Organ section (61 polyphony voices), the Sampling Sound Engine with 128 polyphony voices for the Piano/Ensemble section, and a monodic synthesizer with analog modeling for the Mono Synth sectionThe 10 sliders in the Organ section are from the XK-5 model.The Mono Synth section includes an oscillator with 6 different waveforms, 4 types of filters, resonance and drive control as well as different modulation options (one LFO, 2 envelopes). It also includes 2 multieffects, an overdrive and an equalizer. A collection of 100 presets is provided, and you can also save your own settings.The organ section has vibrato, chorus, overdrive, 2 multieffects, an EQ and a tone control. A new digital Leslie emulation is also included. A collection of 100 presets is provided, and you can also save your own settings.In the Piano/Ensemble section, there are 2 multieffects as well as an equalizer and an overdrive. A collection of 300 presets is provided, and you can also save your own settings.On the master output, there is an equalizer and a reverb.The SK Pro comes in two versions with 61 or 73 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys, with up to 3 assignable zones for each modelThere are two modulation wheels as well as portamento and Leslie speed controls (which you can also bypass)The SK Pro has a display screen, internal memory and a slot for connecting a USB stick

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Electro 6 HP


Electro 6 HP

The Nord Electro 6 combines our award-winning emulations of vintage electro mechanical and acoustic instruments in an ultra-portable package.With 3 independent sound sections, a new streamlined user interface and the addition of Seamless Transitions, we're proud to present the most powerful and flexible Electro ever - a refined modern classic.The Nord Electro 6 features automatically seamless transitions when changing sounds or programs while playing. The panel has three independent sound sections; Organ, Piano and Sample Synth that can be used simultaneously as a layer or a split. It features 6 Split Points and the new Split Point Crossfade functionality introduced with the Stage 3 for smooth transitions between two split zones. Choose from 3 different crossfade widths (Small, Large or Off) as indicated by different LED colors.The new streamlined Program section features a handy Organize mode including Copy/Paste and Move functionality for quickly arranging your Programs to your desired order. A new Page View lets you easily sort and organize pages as a song list. All Programs, Pianos and Synth Samples are easily navigated using the new List View that offers alphabetical, numerical and category sorting options. The Nord Electro 6 features our award-winning Nord C2D Organ simulations of B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass and Vintage Transistor Organs plus two Pipe Organ models. The Piano section has a wide selection of acoustic, electric and digital pianos from the exclusive Nord Piano Library, extended voice polyphony and creative new Piano Filters. The enhanced Sample Synth Section features expanded memory for the Nord Sample Library 3.0 and extended polyphony. The powerful Effect section features a wide range of instantly tweakable high quality effects modelled after classic stomp boxes. All effects are stereo and can be assigned freely to the Organ, Piano or Synth sections.

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