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If drumming is more than a hobby to you, you need a kit that allows you to reach your highest level. The V-Drums TD-17 series allows you to put all aspects of your technique to work and take it to the next level.Combining a tone generator inherited from the TD-50 with sophisticated pads, the V-Drums TD-17 series offers affordable electronic drum kits that will give you a feel for playing like an acoustic drum set. They will react to every movement of your hands and feet, every intensity of your sticks. The built-in coaching features will also allow you to evaluate your technique, measure your progress and increase your desire to play. Becoming a better drummer requires hard work, and TD-17 can help you do just that. er.Quality sounds for quality playingThe TD-17's tone generator delivers a high-end rhythmic experience with Prismatic Sound Modeling technology, inherited from the TD-50 star module. Start playing and you'll be amazed at the range of dynamics produced, as well as the accompanying changes in timbre, depending on where and how hard you hit the pad. From rim shots, rolls, flasks and ghost notes on the snare, to powerful hits or crescendo rolls on the cymbals, to semi-open play on the hi-hat, with different sounds on the rim and body: each of your playing nuances is detailed, precise, and seamless.The feel of an acoustic kitA nice bass drum usually produces a beautiful, powerful sound. Sometimes that's exactly what you need, but your friends and neighbors may not agree. The KD-10 bass drum pad makes little noise thanks to its rubber coating and special cushioning, but still provides that ideal bass drum sound when the bat is pressed into the head. This makes it perfect for playing at home, where volume can be a problem. It is compatible with all bass drum pedals, single or double.The essential tool to improve your playingRemember, a drummer needs to be able to hold a beat before he can play complicated rhythmic patterns. But working on the basics can still be exciting, as they provide a solid foundation for the rest of the skills to be learned. And let's not forget that measuring your progress is also very motivating. The TD-17 module includes a Coach mode to help you work on a daily basis. You can warm up, develop your sense of groove, tempo and placement, and even work on your consistency, all while getting a score that tells you how well you're doing.Deepen your sense of grooveRefine your internal tempoQuiet Count mode helps you refine your sense of tempo and placement. During the first few bars, the click sounds at the selected volume, then disappears during the following bars. During these quiet measures, you must rely on your internal tempo so that you have not slowed down or accelerated when the click becomes audible again. The more you use this mode, the more accurate your internal tempo will be.Facilitate an effective warm-upWarmUp mode makes your daily work more enjoyable, and will make you want to use it even more. You can choose to warm up for five, ten or fifteen minutes, varying the difficulty, and then choose a tempo. A range of exercises will then prepare you for intense work on the instrument, with changes in rhythm, tempo, and measuring the precision of your playing. At the end, you will get an overall grade, which you will surely want to improve the next day.Preparing to play on stageWhen rehearsing, it is important to play with the same sounds that you will use on stage. The TD-17 features a wide range of expressive, modeled drum sounds inherited from the high-end TD-50 module. This ensures that you'll find the perfect drum sound to prepare for the gig.Pressure-free performance for years to comeRoland's V-Drums are reliable, from the sound module to the pads to the pedals. Every component is designed to work for you no matter what your playing style. The TD-17 series of pads and pedals are built to last while remaining playable. As you progress on the instrument, you can upgrade your TD-17 setup by adding a crash cymbal or a second snare drum, ensuring that you're using equipment that many professional drummers use.

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