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Fusion Box

Erica Synths

Fusion Box

Erica Synths Fusionbox is a distinct multifunctional analogue effects unit that combines BBD chip based effects – delay, flanger, chorus – with tube overdrive in the delay output and feedback path for extra thickness of sound.Fusion Box lowpass filtering is fully adjustable from none to extreme for a really deep bass sound. A special feature, not found in other contemporary stompboxes or effect units, is the Vintage Stereo Ensemble.The Vintage Stereo Ensemble provides the classic “stereo ensemble” effect, found on many vintage synthesizers from almost any brand and make. In stereo ensemble effect, the delayed, processed and filtered sound is added back to the dry (mono) audio with inverted phase for one channel, and direct phase in the other. This gives it the distinct and unique moving character, different from that obtained with chorus effects. However, use of inverted phase in stereo field also adds certain peculiarities to watch out for. For example, when such stereo audio is played back on an older “surround” decoding sound system, ensemble effect sound may move to the rear sound channel. Also, if the output gets mixed back to mono, the effect may disappear. This also applies to mono subwoofer systems, or speakers that are placed too close. This is normal, and occurs with any similar vintage stereo ensemble processing. In this case and if such oddities are undesirable, to avoid mono mixing issues, you can choose to use only one of the output channels, or use two separate ensemble processors for left and right channels.Fusionbox has adjustable input gain, therefore it works with various sound sources – guitars, units with line level signals (synthesizers, grooveboxes, etc.) and modular synths. Footswitch allows to switch on or bypass effects making Fusionbox ideal for guitar players.

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At the heart of every great song is a great vocal sound. The Tascam TA-1VP combines Antares' world-renowned Auto-Tune automatic pitch correction technology and TEC Award-winning Microphone Modeler microphone modeling technology with top-of-the-line vocal processing modules to give you everything you need to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style.Whether you're working live or in the studio, the TA-1VP lets you instantly choose from an extensive library of sounds. Factory presets are available for a wide variety of vocal styles, and the user interface makes it easy to create your own sounds. Powerful and flexible processing modules also give you a selection of instrument and percussion presets. And its real-time MIDI control features make the TA-1VP a perfect companion for automated mixing environments...Auto-Tune real-time pitch correction- EVO voice processing technology for improved tracking and correction capabilities- Real-time pitch correction for voices (or solo instruments) without distortion or noise, ensuring full respect for the expressive nuances of the original performanceMicrophone Modeling- Give your voice recordings the characteristics of high-end studio microphones- Adjust the proximity effect associated with the microphone distanceAnalog Lamp Modeling- Give your vocal recordings the warmth of a classic tube preampAdjustable knee compressor- Control the dynamics of your signal with a high-end dynamics compressor- Adjustable Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Decay- Continuously adjustable knee value (not Hard/Soft)Dynamics expander/noise gate- This noise gate/dynamic expander with threshold and ratio settings allows you to gradually eliminate background and air noise- Works independently of the compressorVariable frequency de-esser- Allows you to better control sibilance on vocals to improve your performance- Threshold, Ratio, Attack Time and Decay Time settings, plus a high-pass filter with adjustable frequencyFlexible 2-band parametric equalizer- Fine-tune the sound of your voice with two independent equalization bands- Select the type of EQ/filter you want: high-pass or low-pass with 6 or 12 dB/octave slope, low or high shelving with adjustable slope, bandpass, notch, or true parametric EQAutomatic track doubling, mono or stereo- Automatically mixes a dubbed track to the main outputs, or assigns it to a separate output for further processing and mixingProgrammable parameters- Each parameter can be saved as a preset for instant recallFactory presets, suitable for a wide variety of vocal styles- Complete collection of factory presets included, suitable for a wide variety of vocal stylesReal-time MIDI control- Control any adjustable parameter on a module via MIDI messages Continuous controllers for variable real-time automationReally easy to use- Quickly find the desired parameter- Virtually all major functions are accessible at the touch of a button

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