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Housed in a 19-inch rackmount enclosure, the third-generation Scarlett 18i20 features multiple simultaneous inputs and outputs, including eight mic preamps, 18 inputs and 20 outputs in total. Offering superior sound quality, thanks to enhanced AD and DA conversion, recordings sound crystal clear up to 24-bit/192kHz. Two independent high-fidelity headphone outputs with dedicated volume control allow for flexible monitoring during recording and mixing.New high-performance preamps:The Focusrite 18i20 features eight third-generation Scarlett mic preamps: with the Air mode engaged it is possible to reproduce the response of Focusrite's renowned ISA preamp, giving recordings a brighter, more open sound. Each preamp has a pad that attenuates the input stage by 10dB to prevent clipping under all conditions. The two high-level headroom instrument inputs on the front panel allow you to record guitars and basses without unwanted distortion. Speaker switching offers the ability to switch between primary and secondary monitors for a fresh perspective on the mix. The new built-in talkback mic lets you communicate with the artist at the touch of a button to capture the perfect take. A pair of virtual "looping" inputs allows you to capture a stereo source from any combination of hardware inputs and software playback channels, making podcasting, live streaming and sampling tasks easy.Numerous software and plug-ins included:The Focusrite 18i20 connects directly to a Mac or PC via a USB cable, without any external power supply. It comes with all the software tools needed to get started. This includes two DAWs: Ableton Live Lite and Pro Tools First Focusrite Creative Pack, Softube's Time and Tone bundle, Focusrite's Red plug-in suite, and a choice of one of four Addictive Keys keyboard emulations from XLN Audio. Focusrite has partnered with Splice to offer a free 3-month subscription to Splice Sounds when a new Splice account is created. Splice Sounds features millions of high-quality royalty-free one-shots, loops and presets, as well as new daily releases from up-and-coming producers, sound designers and artists. Creators use Splice to create all types of music, including popular pop, Grammy Award-winning albums, underground mixtapes and film scores. As with all Focusrite products, users and new purchasers of the brand's interfaces receive access to the Plug-in Collective, which offers free software and discounts on a selection of leading software publishers.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Rubix 44

The high-resolution solution for your music productions The Rubix44 provides the perfect balance of high-fidelity audio, robustness, and essential features for today's musicians and producers.It delivers clear, warm, high-resolution sound up to 24-bit / 192 kHz, and features four high-end microphone preamps carefully selected for their low noise. And with four discrete outputs, analog processing, and a built-in MIDI interface, you've got all the potential and versatility you need for your big musical ambitions.The Rubix44 works equally well on Mac and PC, as well as with the Apple iPad for quality music production on the go. Ideal for singer-songwriters and instrumentalists. With four simultaneous inputs for microphones, electric guitars and basses, and line-out instruments such as keyboards and drum machines, the Rubix44 allows music creators to record mix-ready tracks in one take. Singers can record vocals and stereo instruments simultaneously; acoustic instrumentalists can connect up to four different microphones simultaneously to record every nuance of their sound. High-end inputs and outputs to keep up with your creative flow. The Rubix44's prestigious mic preamps produce low noise and a high-definition signal with a large headroom to capture all the impact and detail of what you'll be recording. Versatile high-impedance combos allow you to connect all types of sources, including microphones and guitars, without the need for special adapters or cables. Four individual outputs allow you to build elaborate routing or monitoring circuits: send a click to a musician, set up a stage monitor, send audio to an external device, etc. Control your sound with the analog limiter and compression. Sources with wide dynamics, such as percussion, often require fine tuning of the signal. It's also common to apply compression to vocals or bass during recording to smooth out levels and make mixing easier. The Rubix44 is equipped with front-panel compressors/limiters on inputs 1/2 and 3/4, ensuring good quality input signals without unwanted peaks or distortion. This dynamic processing is fully analog, providing smooth, transparent control with no latency. Ultra-clear signal status indicators, even while playing. When recording, getting the right signal levels is essential. Since studios and stages are often dimly lit locations, it is also essential to have sufficiently large and bright recording level indicators. Designed to make recording easier, the Rubix44 has indicators that clearly display the incoming signal level and warn you immediately of the risk of saturation. Being visible on the front and top of the product, you can check your signal levels without being near the case.

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Fantom 8


Fantom 8

The Roland FANTOM is a powerful and impressive synthesizer workstation with sequencer, sampler, audio interface and extensive synthesizer functions. In the generously sized and expandable sound memory, Roland has literally immortalized a best-of 40 years of synthesizer history and integrated its high-quality V-Piano for all keyboard virtuosos. In addition to multiple synthesis technologies that can be used simultaneously, you can keep in mind that the FANTOM's analog multi-mode filter can be the icing on the cake for some sounds. The sequencer offers real-time sequencing, TR/step sequencing and a clip sequencer. OneShots and loops can be playfully triggered via the sampler pads and integrated into your own creations.Another highlight of the FANTOM are the scene memorieswhich are organized in four banks with 128 memory locations each. They act as fast creative memories and hold everything you work on. Whether it's a handful of patterns, a song you've started, a sound you're creating, various settings related to your current project in the audio workstation, or all of the above, handwritten notes and "it has to stay on because I can't save it" are a thing of the past.Anyone who has worked with Roland instruments will quickly notice that the operation has been redesigned and leads to faster results, not only because of the neat interface but also because of the Fantom's very intuitive menu navigation.Sounds and synthesisRoland has gone all out with the FANTOM, equipping its flagship product with over 3500 sounds and over 90 drum kits, as well as the very avant-garde V-Piano. Strings, organ, piano, guitar, brass, choir, wind instruments and more: the FANTOM's selection is simply outstanding!The typical Roland sound architecture has been retained in that each sound can be composed of four parts. However, the FANTOM's Parts correspond to a complete and extended synthesizer voice with its own oscillator and filter models, envelopes, modulation assignments and, of course, its own volume and panning controls. There is also a dual LFO for each of the four parts, which not only has the usual waveforms, with and without BPM sync, but you can also create your own waveforms by hand. We calculate: 16 tracks with up to 8 LFOs per sound; 128 LFOs simultaneously! If you like to create new sounds from scratch, this is the source of all modulation ideas.The new and extended architecture allows you to create sounds according to the modular principle: take for example the SuperSaw oscillator (known from the JP-8000) and combine it with the Juno filter; what was previously reserved for modularists, you get here in a storable way! Different synthesis technologies can be defined for each sound and each part, so there's nothing to stop a layered sound of roaring organ, delay-wrapped bells and crisp bass.EffectsA set of 90 multi-effects are just waiting to modify and refine the sounds created, individually or in parallel, respectively in series, per part. The selection of delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, distortion, real one-offs with a wow character, should leave nothing to be desired. Moreover, the Fantom has enough power to calculate elaborate effect chains for each of the 16 tracks without running out of steam. In addition, each part has its own EQ. The master compressor is located above the main output. A special position is given to the analog filter, which offers four different filter types (LPF, BPF, HPF & PKG), including the drive. The filter can be assigned to individual tracks, the main output, a DAW return or the analog inputs. Thus, it is not only an extended part of the sound generation, but also an independent effect to give sounds the final touch in the right place.Sequencer and samplerThe Fantom's sequencer has been completely reworked and now offers parallel recording and composing concepts that perfectly support the "typical" recording methods. Instead of recording all tracks in one pattern "as before", the Fantom offers the possibility to freely combine the 16 tracks and use them independently. The songs can be arranged in the classic linear way or in the clip sequencer (comparable to Ableton Live). The TR/step sequencer, which is also capable of substepping and ratcheting, is ideal for rhythm programming. The perfectly played piano or the funky organ can be recorded in real time, either with or without note quantization. The same applies to the 16 pads, which play individual sounds from the internal sound generator or from their own samples. This pad mode is familiar from the Akai MPC series. Behind the pads is also the sampler; with 8-fold polyphony, four banks of 16 pads each can be assigned. Sounds and loops can be up to 2 GB in size, time stretching is of course also offered for loops. A comprehensive Arpeggiator and a chord memory function are also part of the Fantom's sophisticated playback aids.Full integration in a DAWThe FANTOM can be fully integrated into the workflow of a DAW (e.g. Apple Logic Pro, GarageBand, MainStage). Thanks to the USB audio interface, 16 stereo tracks can be recorded, edited and, most importantly, processed in parallel in the computer. Three stereo tracks can be addressed from the DAW to the FANTOM, either to edit a track with the analog filter or as an audio output from the DAW to the main mixer. Plug-ins loaded in the DAW can be easily used and edited from the FANTOM, including song position pointers and the entire DAW transport field. DAW and plug-in commands are also stored in the scenes and can be recalled in seconds, provided the computer is connected and the DAW is open. Otherwise, this data is not taken into account when loading.Thanks to several USB ports, it is of course possible to connect other devices in addition to a computer and an external storage medium such as a USB stick. For example, you can connect a second keyboard for two-handed play, a Breath controller or a fader box.System update 2.1The highlights of the new OS 2.1 are the four expansion slots, which can be equipped with expansions of popular and historical Roland synthesizer models. The four timeless classics Jupiter-8, Juno-106, SH-101, and JX-8P mark the beginning of an ever-evolving series. Best of all, the update, which includes a number of bug fixes and improvements, is available for free to all Fantom 6/7/8 owners, as well as the four cult synths!The instruments themselves can be combined in the usual way with the state-of-the-art Zen Core synthesis, V-Piano sounds or for example your own multi-samples. Moreover, each of the four synthesizers is presented with its own interface and of course with the controls of the corresponding originals. Thanks to the Zenology platform, you have access to this huge variety of sounds everywhere.

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