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Standard Series D-28 LH

Martin Guitar

Standard Series D-28 LH

"The D-28 is the ultimate dreadnought, a model of functional functional simplicity that doesn't forget to be beautiful in its simplicity. It's no coincidence that Hank Williams, Elvis, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Jimmy Page wrote their best songs on D-28s. And it's no coincidence that D-28s from the 1930s are selling for the price of for the price of a house... In designing this guitar, Martin chose spruce for the top and rosewood for the back and sides, a combination that has become combination that has become the standard of the genre and has since been adopted by all and has since been adopted by all competing brands. **It seems odd to talk about versatility with regard to the D-28, since its personality is so distinctive. It seems odd to talk about the D-28's versatility, so marked is its personality. And yet, despite its instantly recognizable sound, the immediately recognizable sound, the beauty will be as comfortable with languid fingerpicking or wild strumming, from Donovan to Neil Young if you prefer. Rosewood and dreadnought shape combine for a generous and comfortable low end the guarantee of a good sound base. **In 2017, Martin revamped its D-28 to make it the absolute standard for the brand, the one that's the absolute standard of the brand, the one to be considered first before looking at the the rest of the range. It features an advanced X-barrier, the more powerful and responsive sound, open action with butterbean buttons, and open action with butterbean buttons, and a slim High Performance neck that allows neck for unobstructed solo play. The D-28 is a timeless reference, and there are good reasons for that. "

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