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Sequential Instrument

Prophet 5 Vintage

Sequential Circuit - Prophet 5 Prophet 5 Rev.2 vintage from the American brand SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS, everything works perfectly. A very beautiful and mythical machine. Opportunity verified by Zicplace. Very good condition. Magic. Sequential Circuit's Prophet 5, created by Dave Smith, produces a fascinating analog sound in a dreamlike body with a case that combines wood and steel. Even with sounds stored as presets, which can be easily modified after calling them, you can still recognize mythical sounds from Pink Floyd albums, the intro to "One of my Turns", etc. A lot of presence, a violent Unison mode that we like to listen to and let run, just press one of the 61 keys and wait for the hair to rise on your body. The presets offer very different sounds, tablecloths, organs, basses, sound effects that we like or not, but it has become a legend with its strings and basses. There were 3 models that we spot with the serial numbers: the Rev.1 a little unstable that we don't like to have in return workshop in after-sales service, the Rev. 2 reputed to have a "better sound", and the Rev. 3. At first use, we see that it has some in the stomach with its 2 VCO, and we turn the potentiometers slightly. In Rev. 2 there is a key to tune it, and a key that outputs an A 440Hz. Funny but also necessary because analog is more unstable than digital. Requires some output effects because the vintage machine does not have them, unlike the recent Prophet 6.