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Squarp Instruments Pyramid

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A-88MK2 Contrôleur de luxe

Play. Check. Enjoy.The latest addition to Roland's extensive line of professional MIDI controllers, the A-88MKII is impressively playable and packed with creative tools for today's musicians and producers.Our famous hammer-action keyboard, rugged materials, modern features such as USB-C connectivity, backlit controllers, and future MIDI 2.0 compatibility for best-in-class performance.A controller that plays like an instrument:When it comes to MIDI controllers, playability is often overlooked. With the A-88MKII, you can enjoy the feel of our famous keyboard in your studio, which is appreciated by professional musicians around the world. Its wood construction provides a solid experience under your fingers.And you can easily adjust its sensitivity and response to suit your playing style.Highly expressive:The A-88MKII features three configurable zones, so the user can split the keyboard into different sounds or instruments, and layer them one on top of the other.Our unique Pitch/Mod lever and multiple backlit buttons and pads provide expressive controllers of your sound at your fingertips.The sustain pedal input, as well as two freely assignable pedal inputs, allow your feet to get into action as well.Creative Control :Today's musical styles require special production techniques. And software synths and modules don't always offer the built-in tools you need.The A-88MKII lets you expand your creative arsenal with three configurable zones, an advanced arpeggiator, chord memory, and multi-purpose pads for triggering commands and events, giving your live performances even more energy.MIDI 2.0 and USB-C The A-88MKII uses the latest technology to provide universal compatibility for many years to come.Its USB-C port provides power and single-cable connectivity to MacOS and Windows computers with iOS compatibility. And it's ready to take advantage of all the extended capabilities of MIDI 2.0.* To connect the A-88MK2 to an iOS-enabled device with Lightning, the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit and AC power connection for the A-88MKII are required.



Pyramid MKIII : A new workflow

Modern, easy-to-use & versatile hardware sequencer.
Pyramid provides you with a radical new workflow and almost unlimited possibilities.
It will become your ultimate studio centerpiece.

100% standalone :
Pyramid is designed to be the perfect brain for your musical setup, from studio to stage. It brings together a powerful sequencer,...




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