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Privia PX-110

Condition Good status

Piano supplied with pedal and bag to carry it. 88 keys, the black C6 key does not work. The baffle sizzles at times only when the pedal is used. At the level of the connection, because digital piano, there is a small play and it is necessary to find the good position with the wire to be able to play quietly!


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Noisy le sec, France

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Alesis - Digital Piano Recital

Premium sounds. The Recital features an 88-note, semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard that will allow you to take advantage of the five premium tones available and perfectly sampled by Alesis. Featuring 128-note polyphony, built-in 20-watt amplification, and an effects module, this digital piano delivers truly realistic sounds for an authentic playing experience. For beginners and advanced players alike. Its compact, lightweight, portable size and numerous playing options make the Recital a versatile digital piano. For beginners, the Lesson mode allows the keyboard to be divided into two parts, while maintaining the same tonality and sound so that student and teacher can easily play together. For musicians who are familiar with the instrument, Split mode splits the keyboard into two zones with distinct tones, while Layer mode superimposes two voices for a richer sound. Finally, the Recital offers a metronome mode to maintain the tempo in all circumstances. Pitch connection options. In addition to the on-board speakers, the stereo output allows the piano to be connected to an audio broadcast system, mixer or recorder. If you need private listening, simply connect headphones to the jack provided. For more expressiveness, an input is also available for connecting a sustain pedal. Finally, the USB/Midi port allows you to use the piano in controller mode and enjoy virtual instruments on your computer. For even more versatility, the Recital can be powered by mains power or 6 batteries. 3 months of Skoove lessons offered. Skoove is an online application that provides simplified piano learning according to your level. Progress in your repertoire at your own pace with a complete, diverse and varied catalogue in all genres. Every month, new exclusive lessons are added to accompany you in your progress with, if necessary, the support of an experienced team of Skoove musicians who offer precious advice.





A storage wonder
132 cm long, 27.8 cm deep, 13.2 cm high and weighing less than 12 kg: these dream dimensions make the PRIVIA PX-110 the perfect roommate. The beginner's model of the PRIVIA series is easy to use. A two-track sequencer, a split and layer function and digital effects provide inspiration for creative music. The optimized speaker system delivers sensational sound volume.

Three-element ZPI audio technology



Privia PX-110
Privia PX-110
Privia PX-110
Privia PX-110
Privia PX-110

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