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Privia PX-110


Privia PX-110

A storage wonder132 cm long, 27.8 cm deep, 13.2 cm high and weighing less than 12 kg: these dream dimensions make the PRIVIA PX-110 the perfect roommate. The beginner's model of the PRIVIA series is easy to use. A two-track sequencer, a split and layer function and digital effects provide inspiration for creative music. The optimized speaker system delivers sensational sound volume.Three-element ZPI audio technologyThree-element ZPI audio technology A remarkable effect: At the heart of the PX-110 is the jewel in the crown of the new PRIVIA generation: three-element ZPI audio technology. Three dynamic ranges (samples) per key guarantee a wide range of sound.88 balanced keys (hammer action)88 balanced keys (hammer action)The 88 balanced keys of the PX-110 are based on the nuanced hammer action of a piano and provide an authentic feel.32-voice polyphony32-voice polyphonyMake it loud: your digital piano plays up to 32 voices simultaneously.11 tones11 tones11 high-quality tones are already stored and available in the PX-110.Hall and Choir (8 variations)Hall and choir (8 variations) Optimal equipment: Choir and hall effects complete the sound diversity of your digital piano.MetronomeMetronomeDiscreet accompaniment: The integrated metronome helps you keep the right rhythm.60 exercises60 exercisesPlay what you like: your digital piano offers 60 exercises for the right or left hand.2 headphone jacks2 headphone jacksFun as a duo: two headphone jacks are available.3 pedals3 pedalsWith the optional SP-30 pedal set, the PX-110 can have 3 pedals and an additional sustain effect.MIDI IN/OUTMIDI IN/OUTA proven interface for electric musical instruments, accessories, and computers that simplifies data exchange.Part off" learning systemPart off learning systemPractical: the "Part off" learning system allows you to practice separately with the right or left hand.


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