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    Shiver KS-100

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    GO:KEYS is a simple and fun keyboard that lets you play your favorite songs wirelessly through its powerful onboard speakers. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth®, pick a song and play! And with sound quality that rivals most Bluetooth speakers, GO:KEYS is also perfect for just listening to music.No music knowledge? No problem with GO:KEYS. Even if you're playing a keyboard for the first time, the Loop Mix function makes it fun to get started with composition. Unlike other keyboards that offer accompaniments that require harmonic knowledge, Loop Mix is an innovative approach that even beginners will appreciate. By triggering musical loops with the keys on the keyboard, anyone can successfully create complete music pieces in real time. Drums, bass and other instruments are easily added to the overall mix, and the performance pads let you manipulate sounds like a DJ, adjusting pitches, filtering sounds and more. And with the built-in recorder, you can easily replay and share your compositions.GO:KEYS uses your smartphone to access free online music. So you'll never run out of songs to play. You can also use dedicated apps that will teach you how to play the latest songs or classical pieces, or provide you with lyrics for karaoke. And when you're ready to make your own music, the Loop Mix feature lets you enjoy over 500 professional-quality sounds. Compact, portable and battery-powered, GO:KEYS can be played anywhere you want. A world of music awaits you.GO:KEYS' Bluetooth functionality allows it to easily connect to your smartphone or tablet and do more with your new keyboard. Choose your favorite songs from your music library, and access unlimited free online music content, from piano lessons to karaoke. Whatever you choose, you can play it wirelessly through the GO:KEYS' built-in speakers, or just listen to it. With GO:KEYS and a smartphone, you have everything you need to practice or perform. And when you're ready to take your music production to the next level, GO:KEYS will be a perfect partner for MIDI recording in GarageBand-like apps.

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