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Shure - SM58-LCE Voice Microphone


Shure - SM58-LCE Voice Microphone

The undeniable reference. The SM58 is the world's #1 choice of musicians, the most versatile and reliable vocal microphone in its class. It can be found on every stage, in every school, in every studio on the planet. Propelled to iconic status by countless artists over the years, Shure's famous microphone celebrated its anniversary in 2016. 50 years, and not a wrinkle! With legendary Shure build quality, the SM58 has become a true reference. The numerous videos of tests in the most extreme conditions are proof of this: here you have a microphone that adapts to all environments and all situations. A bit of history, though. The SM58 is THE microphone that everyone knows. If you ask musicians to name a vocal microphone at random, 80% will tell you without hesitation: Shure SM58! But where does this craze and fame for the successor to the 565, released in 1966, come from? The initial idea of Shure engineers was to address studio issues. The microphones of the time were very bright, dazzling because of the studio lights, and had a short life span due to their fragility. Ernie Seeler, with the help of his team, created the world reference for stage microphones by responding to these problems. But let's raise the hood instead... Since its launch, the SM58 has undergone numerous evolutions while preserving its inimitable sound. Mounted on a patented shock-proof air suspension, its Unidyne III cardioid dynamic capsule incorporates all the current standards of technology that make its reliability and longevity legendary. With numerous improvements: the grille, diaphragm, magnet, paint, connectors, clamping screw... So many modifications that have nevertheless preserved the identity that made the success of its beginnings. Ideal for lead vocals and backing vocals, but also for DJs and entertainers, the SM58 allows the main sound source to be highlighted while rejecting background noise. Its live performance in difficult environments is not the least of its strengths. The undisputed icon. The SM58 is now found on most concert stages, rehearsal halls and music schools, but it is live and on stage that the SM58 has truly earned its reputation. There are countless photos of international artists and bands from all musical backgrounds and universes taken with the famous microphone. Its story is above all that of all those musicians who one day had it in their hands. That's how you can recognize an icon.

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A synthesizer like no other. An association Arturia and Mutable Instruments could only give an exceptional and exceptional instrument. This first digital product at Arturia therefore integrates digital and wavetable oscillators, which pass through an analog filter to offer the best of both worlds. The most curious will be rewarded, the Microfreak is a synthetic monster and you will be able to explore new sound worlds. Let's add a touch of madness. The MicroFreak oscillator is multisynthesis. By changing modes, you will be able to explore the Texturer, KarplusStrong, Harmonic OSC or Superwave and congratulate yourself on choosing the Microfreak: you now have a dozen synths in a single instrument. It is not only economic but also and above all stimulating creativity. An incredible synthesizer keyboard. The Microfreak's flat keyboard may surprise you, but it will give you pleasure and inspiration as soon as your fingers land on it: it reacts to velocity and even to aftertouch! But wait, we're on a "Freak" so we needed more. So it is indeed a polyphonic aftertouch that you benefit from. The 5 x 7 modulation matrix, which allows you to interact with this aftertouch, opens doors and unexpected possibilities.  Control the uncontrollable. But that's not all, far from it! Did you know that MicroFreak also includes a sequencer with random functions that you can measure or recalculate in real time? With each chord, totally different motives will be able to interact under your fingers. Add to this all the modulations made possible by the matrix and polyphonic aftertouch and you will have a good idea of what Microfreak is. 

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MIX, SCRAPE, CREATE. MELT!The Roland DJ-202 is an intuitive controller, optimally designed for Serato DJ with all the essential functions for DJs. Based on the concept of its big brothers, the DJ-808 and DJ-505, the DJ-202 is a flexible solution for DJing, remixing, and live or studio production. With its large decks featuring near-zero latency, dedicated pad, configurable controls, built-in sequencer and microphone input with professional effects, the DJ-202 makes short work of its direct competitors.The Swiss army knife for mobile DJsThe DJ-202 is a 2-channel, 4-deck USB-powered controller that goes anywhere and connects in a snap. Its compact and lightweight case and handles allow DJs to take it with them as hand luggage to perform anywhere: mobile applications, house parties, clubs, beat battles etc. The DJ-202's intuitive user interface and plug-and-play connectivity make it a snap to get up and running. With its 24-bit/48kHz resolution and high-end Roland converters, the audio quality is always there.Roland drum machine heritage in a DJ controllerWhether it's the instantly recognizable hi-hat of the TR-909 or the kick drum of the TR-808, Roland's TR-series drum machines were instrumental in the birth and growth of music genres such as hip-hop, house, techno, and electro in the '80s and '90s-not to mention today's rap music, which couldn't live without these sounds. Thanks to Roland's patented Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology, the DJ-202 perfectly recreates the character and finesse of these great drum machines. Your drum parts will sound just as good as those created on these legendary machines. The DJ-202 features bass drum, snare drum, closed and open hi-hat, tom, rim, clap and ride sounds, allowing you to create massive and varied sounds throughout your sequences.Mix and ScratchWith the DJ-202's low-latency decks, your scratches and cues will always be perfect. No direct competitor can deliver the same precision. Dedicated Serato DJ Intro controls help you quickly create and control hot cues, loops and samples. The Deck Select button lets you switch between decks. Channel EQ and Serato effects (accessible via 3 FX buttons per deck) help you fine-tune transitions or accentuate scratches. Dedicated Play/Pause and Cue buttons give you the same control options as high-end devices and stand-alone audio players.Bring vocals to lifeLiven up your DJ vocals, radio drops, guest vocals or external instruments by connecting the source to the 6.3mm TS mic input to take advantage of the built-in reverb and echo. For vocal processing, there's also a high-pass filter and noise gate to eliminate unwanted hum and background noise.Remix, production, showUse TR drum sounds or your own sounds loaded into the 4 Serato sampler memories (with a separate volume control) to prepare the basis for remixes, beats and performances. Program them with the DJ-202's 16-step sequencer accessible via the playing pads. Beats can then be synced with the Serato library to create unique transitions, real-time remixes and pre-recorded tracks with extra punch. Inst-Rec mode can be activated at any time to record sequences with the Serato sampler. MIDI output allows you to synchronize external MIDI instruments and devices with your sequencer and Serato DJ Intro. For even more flexibility, you can upgrade to Serato DJ where you'll have 32 syncable sample slots (4 banks), the entire iZotope FX collection, recording features and more.

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Akai Pro


Anything for music.In this compact and robust chassis, you will find: a 25-key Midi keyboard, 8 backlit MPC-type pads sensitive to velocity, 4 control knobs that can be stored in two banks and freely assigned to the parameters of your plug-ins or music creation software, as well as the classic function keys directly from the MPC family, Note Repeat and Full Level. In addition to the usual master keyboard functions, the MPK Mini Play features 128 tones, 10 drum kits and its own loudspeaker so you can use it without a computer, in a completely autonomous way.Versatility and freedom.Whether it's for use with your Mac or PC via a USB cable, to sing along by the fire by connecting to the campsite sound system, or to compose in secret in the bathroom using the headphone socket, the MPK Mini Play is the ideal keyboard to accompany your artistic fibre. Everything you need to make music is at your fingertips. Indeed, when not connected and powered by your computer via the USB cable, the MPK Mini Play recovers all its positive energy from 3 AA batteries.Compatible with everyone.Everything is simple and intuitive! An oLed display with a rotary encoder allows you to choose from 128 tones and 10 battery kits. Add a little extra dimension to your performances with the X-Y joystick for pitchbend and Midi control, as well as 4 knobs that can be assigned via two banks for a total of 8 separate controllers used to modify internal sounds or control the parameters of your software or virtual instruments. Thanks to the built-in arpeggiator, the MPKmini Play can produce complex arpeggios and patterns without tiring your fingers too much. If, on the contrary, you are hyperactive and the 25 keys are not enough for you, the octave change buttons will expand your expressive abilities up or down.Mini, but complete!The MPK Mini Play is designed for both experienced musicians, who already use music production software to improve their skills, as well as for beginner producers who will be able to gradually discover the wonderful world of computer music with the included software pack, MPC Essentials, the Hybrid 3 plugins from Air Music Tech and Wobble from Sonivox. It's all here for you to let your imagination run wild!

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