Shure - Wireless Microphone - BLX24E-PG58 M17


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Shure Shure - Wireless Microphone - BLX24E-PG58 M17

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Shure - Micro broadcast - SM7B


Shure - Micro broadcast - SM7B

A bulletproof armour plating! With a comfortable weight of 765 g, the SM7B is fully protected by a strong metal shell, a shield that makes it immune to magnetic radiation from mobile phones, speakers or neon lights. This neutralizes interference and noise. In addition, it benefits from an internal pneumatic insulation that almost totally attenuates mechanical handling noise. It comes with a first classic windscreen and a second one, called A7WS, specially designed for close pickup, which drastically reduces breathing noise, even in the case of voices with low volume. The warmth of FM! With its dynamic design, the SM7B has a large capsule that gives it great sensitivity. This explains why it also perfectly reproduces the characteristic atmosphere of warm and dynamic FM voice pick-ups, with beautiful, precise bass. For easy placement, the SM7B is mounted on a sturdy hinged clamp with a standard microphone stand adapter, which ensures that the SM7B is extremely stable to adjust. Uncompromising features. With a wide frequency response curve from 50 Hz to 16,000 Hz and excellent dynamic consistency across the entire spectrum, the SM7B withstands high sound pressure levels, making it highly effective for picking up instruments at high volume levels. It has a sensitivity of -59 dBV/Pa. Its very pronounced cardioid directionality further enhances the purity of the pickup, ensuring ideal focus and a high level of detail thanks to the effective rejection of off-axis sound. Finally, it has a bass attenuator and a midrange amplifier that can be switched by a switch: totally indispensable for the voice!

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Cut the cord!

If you're used to wired microphones and want to go wireless, go ahead and do it with peace of mind! This amazingly simple analog system automatically scans the available frequencies (UHF band), synchronizes the transmitter and receiver with its QuickScan feature, and offers up to 14 hours of continuous use.

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Shure - Wireless Microphone - BLX24E-PG58 M17

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