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Roland Roland FP 30X

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Korg - KOP SP280-BK


Korg - KOP SP280-BK

The SP series: compact, lightweight and portable digital pianos designed for family use. Ideal for music schools or as a portable home piano, the SP series is the perfect instrument to start playing the piano. It also means finding the answer to your needs, both in terms of your budget and the space available in your home. Are you just starting out but neither your living space nor your wallet can support the purchase of an acoustic piano? The SP280 offers you the chance to lose nothing in the process. What do you expect from a digital piano? To offer all the qualities of an acoustic model without having the disadvantages, mostly space and price for the most part. But there's no question of sacrificing the sound and feel of the keyboard, otherwise, the digital piano in question would have missed its purpose. The SP280 combines all the qualities of a good acoustic piano with the benefits of technology. It's a colourful statement. Whether it's in a music school or in your living room, the SP280 is the perfect choice for any situation. Portable and attractive, it features an 88-key weighted keyboard that even the most uncompromising player won't be able to resist, just like the 30 or so sounds on offer, the stars of which are of course the piano. In addition, it features a 2 x 20-watt amplification system with a headphone output, which does justice to the lovingly concocted sampling by Korg. Complete with a Midi interface, the SP280 answers the question that seemed insoluble until then: how to have a real piano keyboard, a real piano sound, in a portable format and at a good price?

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The LP series shines with refinement: elegant design, perfect touch and sound. More than ever before, Korg has put innovation at the service of music and visual pleasure. The LP series combines elegance and modernity. It wasn't enough that it was excellent and cheap. It had to be beautiful! It has long been known that Korg is a master at designing and building quality digital pianos. All that was missing was the combination of realistic sounds, a touch worthy of an acoustic model, and a price that everyone could afford. With a truly successful and classy aesthetic that even the grumpiest of reactionaries can only applaud. An elegant design that nevertheless conceals the best that technology has to offer in this field, like the phoenix of the hosts of these woods whose ramage is related to its plumage: a grand piano stereo sound rich in harmonics and dynamics, built-in amplification and two headphone sockets, not to mention the 120 notes of polyphony and the three truer-than-life expression pedals. A faithful companion. Around thirty tones complete the high-end features of this digital piano which will be the faithful companion for learning but also for creation for jazz, classical or pop lovers. Whatever your level of play, it will faithfully reproduce all the nuances of your music. You may wonder why some people still take the risk of breaking their back, cluttering up their living room or ruining their savings account when there is a very simple solution for them! Listen to the LP380, play it, you're bound to be won over!

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